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Thread: NBC = The Lying Network

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockdrywall
    contestants are contractually banned from talking about the making of the show, so word never gets out how underhanded and scripted it all really is.

    So let it be said. It's all scripted and underhanded. Believe nothing you see.

    Excepting, of course, the extravagance and expense put into the locales and dates. They really did get to drive the same car as in FLOM1! They really did get to go to an amusement park! And steal ideas from other shows to dine at the Hollywood Bowl! Ooooh, the glamour! I bet Audrey Hepburn is looking down from on high wishing she could have experienced the high life in such style..
    On the show I worked on we got virtually everything donated for a mention at the end of the show in the credits and a shot of the marquee or whatever. Didn't anyone notice how weird it was that they go to clubs at what must be 11 A.M. and the places are empty. THe interaction between the contestants at that point is very "acted" as the environment is totally artificial. I can tell you clubs smell really really bad in the morning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freebiesite
    but....at the stage of FLOM2 when he comes back, the other show would be airing right?? Or am I mixed up again??
    I think both shows were complete before either one aired. The entire process is what? 3 weeks? FLOM2 started taping in May.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimi
    I suspect the network lawyers have found (or designed) a clause (aka loophole) that will get around that little obstacle. I'm not at all sure, but I suspect that an actor's union card would not only mean the contestants would have to pay money to join, but that the networks would have to pay them a minimum rate for their appearance.

    The networks are making a load of money off of these contestants, and I think it's insane that they pay them as little as they do for their participation. Wasn't it mentioned that they only get $50 per diem? I thought that was a joke at first. If that's really the case, I think that's just criminal.
    I can set the record straight here. It's not an acting gig. These shows are classified as game shows, and everyone on it is a contestant (which makes it all the more curious that the producers would 'advise' contestants on decisions, because there are very clear laws that prevent game shows from fixing the results -- see Quiz Show). As such, no one on the show gets acting credit, and cannot apply this experience towards a union card. But in a weird twist, the show claims full rights to all acting and modeling jobs that any contestant may participate in. For one year after the last episode ends, no one who participated on the show is allowed to act or model in anything without express written permission of the producers (ostensibly to prevent people from actually getting any benefit from their momentary fame). Then for one year past that, the show retains the right of first refusal, so the scenario might be... Munch finally fulfills his destiny and is offered a role hosting MTV's Beach House in the summer of 2005... he CANNOT take the job unless the producers of FLOM decide not to match the offer. If they want, they can simply pay whatever he has been offered for the job, and prevent him from working.

    And yes, the payoff for all of this fame, fortune, and indentured servitude is free coach-class airfare to LA, 3 days sequestered in isolation in a Ramada Inn, a few days confined to the grounds of a nice-enough house, maybe some dream dates at bowling alleys, rope courses or minor league baseball parks, and the aforementioned $50 per day (which applies only to days you are on set, so as soon as you get eliminated and sent home, the gravy train comes to a screeching, and presumably messy, halt).

    If I ran a network and could get away with these contracts, I'd never produce a single scripted show again. Just keep cranking these shows out, brag on the ratings in the most-valuable 18-40 demographic, and pump advertisers till there's no one left to exploit.

    Mmmmm... nothing quite as tasty as a side of regret with my morning cynicism

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    Quote Originally Posted by freebiesite
    What I want to know is what about Erins "security"....by the time they were shooting this part of FLOM2 had the "robs past" on smoking gun been found out???? I know they didnt know about it while rob cavorted with the ladies and got drunk in the hot tub, the boot scene etc..

    but....at the stage of FLOM2 when he comes back, the other show would be airing right?? Or am I mixed up again??

    my question...if this is understandable...when they were shooting flom2 didnt they already know rob about robs past??
    Can anyone figure out the sequence or timing of when these episodes were shot?? (hint hint to the nice guys who were on the show haha) thanks
    The Smoking Gun story didn't break till after FLOM2 was finished production, so if they didn't know about Rob before the media did, they would have had no reason to suspect him.

    Of course, it doesn't look like such a wise move now, unless the show features a Full Metal Jacket-style blanket party for Lt. Campos...

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