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Thread: Too compatible...Too DUMB Erin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMK0902
    What??????????? Is that really true?????

    Back to Benjamin Bra.. Oh, I mean Chad F, I can't believe she let him go! :mad: Her reason ( to much a like etc ) just didn't cut it with me!

    Why not? Too much like her means will take money over a person. Is it still not a good reason to let him go?

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    Play Doh Rocks
    Quote Originally Posted by brockdrywall
    By law, they cannot tell Erin who to keep and who to eliminate because this is a game show, and you cannot fix game show results.
    Actually, not true. This is *not* a game show. This is a reality show. They are two distinct genres, and while you correctly assert that one cannot fix game show results (i.e. Millionaire, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune), one CAN do things to reality shows. There is nothing to prevent that. And yes, after your comment, I did do a general Lexis search. (Entertainment law is not my specialty, however, as a lawyer, I feel relatively certain in my statement.)

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    At times, I do wonder whether we give Erin more credit than she deserves with respect to making intelligent decisions.

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