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Thread: The guys are being eliminated more slowly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissPoison
    They finished taping the entire thing some time ago. This means the number of episodes as well as the weekly tracker was known way before this morning. Why did they just change it? Just to keep their webmasters busy?
    Presumably they have dozens of hours of footage and could have made as many or as few episodes as they wanted, altering the content at any time. As Brock mentioned the first episode wasn't stretched out to 2 hours, but there's no reason it couldn't have been.

    Look at the interminable Joe Millionaire. They aired almost 3 hours of total garbage getting to the last 10 minutes because it was such a surprise ratings success. They wanted to milk the finale for all it was worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bumpkin
    Once again, NBC has changed their schedule of elimination.

    To view the updated scorecard click here

    It's a pdf file, so you will need Acrobat to view it.

    Note the change in eliminations, and the season has been extended by two weeks!

    aaargh. *someone get me some smelling salts*
    I am a newbie here and vowed that after FLOM I would not watch FLOM2 but it's like a bad haircut, you keep hoping it will look better as it grows out. Drat those pesky hairs that won't stay put.

    Just a thought, with the revised schedule, that means that in week 5 the supposed non-elimintion round, is when Rob is slated to put in an appearance...... aaaaahhhhhh now I am pulling out what's left of my bad haircut. Maybe it means a trip down memory lane with Rob from his series since the network loves those flashbacks. So no time for eliminations becaue we are so sentimental (wait while I dry my tears) about Rob's memoies. Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart - NOT.

    Excuse me I am fighting the urge to run out and buy a wig.

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    Eewww! I smell a rat. Rob shows up the same week there are no eliminations? Or...perhaps there IS an elimination, but Blob replaces the eliminated guy. But why? Erin already made her choice about Blob, and frankly, I have no idea why he would want to show up again on the same show with her after she dumped him so publicly and spectacularly (that "literally heartpounding" finale, you know).

    I guess they must have paid him pretty handsomely to show up again, or offered him a tidy sum now, and a chance to make even more somehow on the show.

    Hmmm, maybe Blob gets to make the elimination but he gets a week to observe and then make his decision. Or maybe they're going to spend a week just watching the aftermath of Blob showing up while the guys and the viewing audience watch Erin try to explain who this guy is and what role he played in her past.

    Unfortunately, I find that the process of trying to figure out what the twists are going to be is infinitely more entertaining than seeing what NBC actually comes up with. But then, I'm rather easily amused.... otherwise I wouldn't be watching.

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