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Thread: if Page was for FLOM2

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    if Page was for FLOM2

    I think if Page was the one who was selected, and even if she chose money over him, I highly doubt if they continued FLOM2 with her. (instead of Erin) Because so many guys gonna be "what??? is she the bachelortte?? or is she a kid from her?" seriously..
    So, in that case, I guess these formerly selected 15 men would be fighting for a new different girl/bachelortte whom we didn't know,, I guess..
    because I think 15 men, or at least some/many of then will start to wonder "why her???" by her look.

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    Well I think if Rob took Paige no matter what her decision I dont think she would be on FLOM2...

    the producers simply would have still gone with erin, made her another 1 mill deal or whatever, I imagine they had a few 2nd choices in mind too..

    Paige would be a horror on this show....she might "fall" for one guy right away, no doubt chris tee hee....and simply snuggle up and drink and have lots of kissy face with him and mushy stuff...leaving the other guys out cold LOL>>> NO way to run a dating show...LOL

    Paige is just too young, silly, giddy whatever JMO

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