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Thread: Bachelor Poses Nude

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    Quote Originally Posted by genericwife

    I am not the least bit offended by nudity. Others might be though. Those links need to have a warning label.

    I can't tell if it is the same guy or not.
    on post #22 i included a warning of explicit imagery. sorry if the warning got dropped on replies.

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    That gun is smokin'

    For scientific purposes only, I linked to the site and I have to say that if this is not the same guy (Chris), then he and "Jake" were definitely separated at birth which is one of my favorite topics.

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    Sorry guys, but went through this discussion when MR Porn was involved with Survivor. We do have children as young as eleven who are members. I have taken out all the posts with links...

    No direct linking to porn sites please. If it's to some other site such as smoking gun or drudge or news outlets with a story thats ok.

    If you want to do fancy cropping or fig leafing on a pic and post it- thats ok too

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    I don't see a similarity. The Chris on the right has a moustache, and the Chris on the left does not. Also, it looks like the Chris on the left has a bigger nose than the Chris on the right.

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    No rumor

    Sean, with all due respect, this is no rumor, and Im not talking about a porn star or anything else. Unless youve got the Dec 2002 Playgirl in your hand, dont make any comments. If you want, email me your address and I will make sure one of the pictures is sent to you so that you can see for yourself. Theres not hing wrong with posing for Playgirl and I am not saying anything that is untrue - I have no reason to do that. The person Im talking about is exactly the same person as was on the show and Playgirl has even confirmed that as has a reporter for E!
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    By the way, no one is trying to start rumors. As for posing links to yahoo groups, You have to register to be part of the group so I cannot do it. Go to yahoo groups and look up Playgirl Males.

    As for the question about casting, producers pick people who are good looking, have outgoing/exhibitionist personalities, etc. They often use a network of friends or friends of friends - i.e. Ryan from Bachelorette said he was cast cuz he knew someone who knew someone on the show etc. There are also a lot of people who want to break into some kind of shobiz and are looking for attention or their 15 minutes of fame so thats why you see people who have been in videos or someone like the guy from Survivor who had done soft porn as well as other B movies and guest spots on TV shows. Its all a very incestuous world.

    Now before all of you start typing your hate mail responses toward me, let me just say I worked in the biz and thats why I know about this. I was a publicist so worked directly with the people in front of and behind the cameras - from producers to executives to guests , casts and hosts.

    As for Chris, all you guys have to do is get a back issue of that Playgirl for 8 bucks and youll see its the same person --- or else an identical twin. (which is possible but unlikely)

    Btw what are the odds that the NBC bio and the Playgirl bio would say the exact same thing as far as name, age, and hometown. Slim - u nless you want to say its some kind of conspiracy. Plus I dont put any stock in the last name 'Michaels" since 99 percent of the models dont use their real names when posing nude or appearing in nude videos etc. I didnt even know that he had done a nude video like a previous poster had said, but it doesnt surprise me because most of the models in Playgirl have done stuff like that or are strippers or fashion models.

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    Guest Confirms

    By the way, I emailed the person who runs and he indeed confirmed for me that it is the same person. That "Jake" on th eir website is the same person as "Chris" in Playgirl and on FLOM 2.

    You can check out pics yourself at where "Jake" has done a video.
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    It doesn't surprise me. Whats a reality show without a porn star lately?

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    Well Josh from BB3 went tackle out in Playgirl after his stint on the show and a number of female reality contestants have done it.

    Had Chris wanted to use this show to launch his nudie modelling "career" then I guess he'd have used his real name.

    This will probably be in TSG soon.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Well FLUFF he did use the name CHRIS in the Playgirl thing... Most people who do porn videos dont use their real names at all.Ive talked to all the editors and photographers in volved in such things. On a related note, Playgirl often gets duped, their big 30th ANniversary man is on cover of THE ADVOCATE coming out as a gay man. Hes a professional model though who did use his real name although thats rare

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