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Thread: Poor Rob - he is in love with Erin

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    Poor Rob - he is in love with Erin

    Tuesday in Dallas, "Extra" caught up with the lonesome bachelor. He says even after knowing the outcome, he's happy with his decision. He says, "I felt more for Erin and I thought there was more of a connection there and that's why I chose her."

    And Erin tells "Extra," "I really, really did think that he was 100% going to pick Paige."

    Erin told "Extra" why she decided to take the cash. She says, "I just had to trust my heart and my gut and go with how I felt and I just didn't feel there was potential for a long-term relationship."

    But that's not stopping Erin from looking for love. Next week, Erin goes for double or nothing on "For Love or Money 2," when she returns the big bucks for a chance at romance and $2 million.

    Meanwhile, Paige tries to mend her wounded heart. She says, "If Rob would have chosen me, I would have chosen him."

    As for Rob, he's says he'll never do another reality show and offers this advice to Erin: "Just try to have fun even though what you're doing is pretty stressful." >>


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    Erin should had just taken the million dollars and not come back. I don't think anyguy would take Erin over the million dollars, but i have a feeling that someone would take Paige over the million if she was in Erins shoes. As much as i would have love for Rob to have chosen Paige i respect his decision, afterall everything did balance out at the end.

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    Video is available here

    For Love or Money Video Interview


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