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Thread: Reality shows with "script"

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissPoison
    brockdrywall said:
    Does anyone suspect this decision may have been, um, 'consulted' by the producers?

    Going on that assumption, did Trista actually pick Ryan? We know that Joe M. aka Evan Marriott was told to pick Zora. How far back are we going with this? Does anyone know any more specifics?
    I don't think I'll ever get over Trista picking Ryan over Charlie. Now add Erin picking Munch over Richard. :mad:

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    Quote Originally Posted by candor
    Clearly, Rob was told to pick Erin because she was already cast for the followup.
    I had the opposite take. I think they told Rob to keep Paige around because she made good tv.

    There was an article in the paper this week about Erin. When they asked her why did she go for the double or nothing, her answers were vague nothings like I don't know what I was thinking and I must be pretty stupid. She didn't put much effort into a coherent answer. It's clear she must have had everything arranged beforehand. The only genuine moment to me was when they told her to burn the $1million check and she said, "right now?"

    Heck, she would have had to burn it anyway since it's paid out of 40 years!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Candybar
    I agree that it all comes down to which show has the best production crew. As much as ethically I dislike the coaching I know it makes for more interesting footage for the editor to work with.

    As for BB not contestants not being coached, think about the diary room.
    They are not being coached who to vote for, however. That's the difference. The Diary Room is required because every single person there needs an outlet and an escape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    After about a million hours of reality TV viewing , I Think only Fear factor resembles Reality. The rest are all story lined and uber edited.
    It comes down to which is the best production crew. Just kick back and enjoy. It's like a soap opera.
    Um, not too sure about that...I don't find myself on a regular diet of bull snout, bull penis, moldy-maggoty cheese or cow spleen, nor do I regularly hang treaturously 100 feet on a rope from a helicopter over a lake, and I don't have many friends, or friends of friends that do either of the above.

    To me, the most "real" show is one that shows real human emotions and reactions under normal duress that you may expect to see in everyday life. I think Big Brother, although not exactly like real life, is as close as any show has come to showing real human emotions and reactions. It's similar to being at work all day with 10 coworkers - only at the end of the day we get 12 hours away from them before starting over again tomorrow.

    Perhaps that's why Big Brother ratings have increased over the past 4 seasons whilst the other "reality" spinoffs drop into nowhere land.

    Just my 2 cents.


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