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Thread: Richard

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    Jamie A.
    Hmm. I think I'm in love.
    If I were in Erin's shoes, the series would have been over after the first show; I would have picked Richard from the beginning. Good-looking, friendly and seemingly very intelligent. Why can't I find a guy like this in Toronto?

    Richard my dear, if you're ever in T.O., look me up
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    Richard? Can I please get that handsome brownskinned beautiful eyes man?????? Next to Dom on Cupid, he is so hot.

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    Richard G.
    Quote Originally Posted by mimi
    You can bet I'd be throwing my hat in the ring for this guy if I lived in New York! What a hunk!!
    Thank you.. NBC said that my home state is NEW YORK, becuase that's where I'm from originally, however I live in San Francisco - FYI

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