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Thread: Eric

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    Quote Originally Posted by Becki
    I'm with Ham Lover, this guy REALLY bugs me and I don't find him attractive at all. I don't know why, but I never really liked him from the beginning and now he's laying it on SO thick and whining about one on one dates. UGH, Erin, Puh-Lease eliminate this guy!!
    he already got eliminated las tnight and i almos tcryed like 19 times and
    i really like him he's cute and no 1 can make me say he's not!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siobhan
    I used to like eric..but then
    HE started rubbing his dates in the other's faces
    and was a jerk to vic
    I just want to see him out!

    HE IS OUT! and i wish he was NOT! ok

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    I am not all the keen on him actually. I think he has the wrong intentions, I am going for Rob
    Take Care Everyone

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    Okay, I'm with everyone else who thinks that Eric, as portrayed on the show, came off as pretty annoying. However, I'm not as anti-Eric as some folks. I still think that the heavy-handed editing *really* influences how things come across in the end. I also think it's real likely that Eric was just chosen, for some reason, to be the mandatory scapegoat contestant on this show (like "evil" Kelly was supposed to be in FLOM1). I don't think these shows give us a good idea of what people are like in real life...IT'S TV!!

    Anyway, I have to hand it to Eric for handling his "pottery painting" date (um, where was the "pottery" part???) with panache. He took the dud date and made the most of it instead of whining and complaining about it. Unfortunately for him, he ended up getting the boot anyway. I think there is a good chance Eric would have chosen Erin over the money, but we'll never know that for sure now. Good luck, Eric!

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    My comments won't be particularly interesting since I am a classic Eric hater.

    Well, hate is perhaps too strong a word.

    I found him to be small--small-featured (mouth, smile, nose). . .

    I couldn't help but think he had small character too.

    His mouth and Erin's just didn't fit, either.

    The fact that the other guys didn't like him was a big clue to what he's really like. Not a man's man. Never one of the boys. That's a red flag to me too.

    He's history, as he should be. He was no match for Erin.

    Chad looks good with Erin.
    Wade is the perfect gentleman.

    Those two are the ones to beat.

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