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    Much's Final Thoughts:

    Two words SUMMER CAMP

    Camp Bel Air, as I affectionately call it, was an absolute blast and I didn't even have to pay to be there. Don't people pay a lot of money to go away to resorts and spas to relax and unwind? I got to lay by the pool, play cards, live in a mansion where I'm not qualified to apply for the pool boy position. I can't say enough good things about the guys from the show. The bizarre circumstances of the show only helped to strengthen the bonds and friendships we created. I have some really close new friends from the show. As far as Erin sending me home goes, that was a good move on her part. When presented with the choice of either taking one million dollars or a woman I've known about a total of thirty minutes, one plan of action comes to mind. I would have cashed that check and told her to beat it. Nothing personal. Erin seems to be a really nice person, and I don't blame her at all for protecting her cash and telling me to hit the road. I wouldn't trust me with a million dollars. I know exactly what would happen. VEGAS BABY, VEGAS !

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    to the FORT webgirl!

    Quote Originally Posted by webgirl
    I just found out about him being on the show last night when a friend of mine called & said "guess who's on that "For Love or Money" show? I fell over laughing.
    Soon there will be like two degrees of separation between everyone. With the growth of reality tv, we're seeing all kinds of interesting folk.

    And by the way - I am having a quiet laugh here by myself. What with John's new av and all ... since he set up the contestant threads, his sign is pointing directly at their promo shots.

    I'm weird ...

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