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Thread: Chad V.

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    Chad Lives In L.a.

    Confirmed in People magazine. He lives in LA and has a second home in San Fran. So it's no surprise she's moving to LA. US magazine reports they're moving in together soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brockdrywall
    Erin moved to LA a while ago (post-FLOM1) to pursue a career in 'entertainment'... Chad's business is in SF, and he owns an apartment there, so I don't think he's headed to LA any time soon.
    Actually Chad lives in LA. He has a second home in SF.

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    You know what? I mainly watched FLOM 2 for Chad. I didn't watch the first season, but caught the second episode of FLOM 2 and just couldn't stop obsessing over it.
    I was wondering what this show was about so I went to its official website and saw all the contestants. Chad was the one that definitely stood out and I was rooting for him all the way. I also liked Wade.
    After this show's over and no Chad to watch, I don't know what to obsess over now.

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    Catty, you can always join us for the Bachelor, or for Joe Millionaire 2 ...

    and to the FORT!

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    more info on Chad V.

    I met Chad labor day-I posted about it earlier. My friend's mom is good friends with Erin's mom and they are living in LA but not together. Erin hasn't really shared too much about Chad with her family-the mom didn't know much about his background or anything. I'm going to the Bay Area this weekend ans will get more info on the situation-I'll be seeing my friend who got married in San Diego where I met Chad.

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