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Thread: About "For Love Or Money 2"

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    About "For Love Or Money 2"


    The sequel to one of this summer’s hottest unscripted drama series, “For Love or Money 2” features 15 handsome men who come looking for love but are surprised to learn in the first episode that there is also a million dollar prize at stake. Jordan Murphy (“Boston Public”) returns as host of the eight-episode series, guiding the contestants through numerous twists and turns as they try to win the heart of a beautiful and charming young lady. There is an added twist in this second edition -- the bachelorette now has her own motivation for finding love -- prompting viewers to question the intentions of everyone involved. “For Love or Money 2” is a production of Nash Entertainment & 3 Ball Productions. Bruce Nash (NBC’s “Meet My Folks,” “Mr. Personality”) is the executive producer, along with J.D. Roth (“Endurance,” “Moolah Beach”), Todd Nelson (“Endurance,” “Moolah Beach”) and John Foy (“The Martin Short Show”).

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    After watching and enjoying the first one, I don't think I'll watch the 2nd, as the finale left a sour taste. I may watch the finale just to see if she gets dumped and loses the $2 million.

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