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    I believe Erin will win without a doubt.

    I don't know if Paige is really in love with Rob and I don't think any of them really have any chemistry so it is just a money thing.

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    If this was not about the money, Rob would choose Erin. But I think he wants to come out of this whole thing with more than a girlfriend. From what we've seen in her poetry, Paige seems like one of those people who is constantly swept by emotion. She'll pick him over the money to prove her point that materialistic things can't compare to people. I am secretly hoping whoever he picks dumps him on national TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by realitynut
    She'll pick him over the money to prove her point that materialistic things can't compare to people.
    Let's not forget.... it's not like she works in social services, or reads to the blind, or saves kittens from house fires. She peddles useless crap to bored and resistance-free housebound folk on QVC for a living, so I think her actions tell us quite plainly that she puts a much higher value on material things than her interviews would indicate.

    I'm leaning more and more to her running the old picket fence and leaving Rob at the promise ring altar with only his wit and integrity to keep him company.

    After all, why else would she now be headed to Cali to "see what happens?" Does anyone really believe this party girl from middle suburb Texas saved up her copious earnings at USJessco to fund a move? I'm thinking she took the lump sum, bought a shiny red car, and headed for the coast.

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    Alrighty, time to make your predictions

    Will it be:

    1) Erin, and she keeps the $
    2) Erin, and she picks Rob
    3) Paige, and she keeps the $
    4) Paige, and she picks Rob

    My money's on 4, but who the heck knows.
    And that, Marjorie --- just so you will know --- and your children will someday know --- is the night the lights went out in Georgia!

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    Heck, I'll go against the crowd and say that

    Rob picks Paige

    Paige takes the money.

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    Play Doh Rocks
    I say Erin wins. It's too obvious for Paige to win.

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