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Thread: How do they enforce to "Pick him or the money" stuff?

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    How do they enforce to "Pick him or the money" stuff?

    It would be so easy to just say that you chose the money and then pick up the phone and call Rob to explain to him that you wanted him and the money both. Are they going to make the girl sign some sort of legal document to stay a certain amount of miles away from him for a year? I don't think anything like that exists. How do you enfore it? Certainly our police would not use taxpayer money to enforce that. Or would they hire spies and tap her phones?

    This whole show is so flawed that it is laughable. It is a shame that there is nothing else on tv. I can see Rob taking Paige now because he will know about the money. Rob is a smart guy and he knows that Paige would happily share the money with him if he will just pay attention to her. Something that he won't know is that it is really not a million bucks; but rather about $150K if cashed out now. The million bucks is a FORTY YEAR annuity mature amount and that means it would pay about $25K a year. That would be really interesting to see what the girl did with it, take the quick cash that is worth 1/10 the amount or collect for the next 40 years.

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    They probably would make the girl pay them back if they dated him, too. I am sure they signed a contract.
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    Or they could have act like a complete jackass throughout the entire show so there was no chance whatsoever of any of the girls wanting to contact him again...

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    Well, since the money's paid out over 40 years, they can always stop payments if they date. Then there's nothing they need to try to enforce at all.

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