Not even her mother knows.

Carmel native Kelly Ford survived another cut on the NBC's "For Love or Money" Monday night. Just how far the Indiana University graduate will go, only Kelly and the show's staff know.

Kelly Ford
"She won't even tell me and you know if she won't tell her own mother, she won't tell anyone," says Kelly's mother, Anita Ford, who has been finding out just like everyone else watching the show. "I will tell you this, she has had the time of her life doing the show -- win or lose."

Kelly is one of four contestants remaining on the "Bachelor"/"Joe Millionaire"-like dating show. She, Lauren, Erin and Paige are vying for the affections of bachelor Rob Campos, a Dallas attorney.

The original field of 15 women was trimmed to five two episodes ago. In Monday's show, the contestant named Laura was let go.

In the final episode on July 8, Campos will select his favorite. That finalist has the option of choosing Campos or $1 million, although Campos was unaware of the money deal through the first three episodes. He will find that out in Monday's show (9 p.m., WTHR ). Contract regulations prevent contestants from taking the money and later hooking up with Campos.

"By the third episode I really wasn't interested in the money," Ford said Tuesday by telephone from her San Francisco home. "I was more interested in finding out what Rob was really like. I haven't dated much since or been serious about anyone since I.U., so I was looking forward to that part of it."

In the next episode, Ford will spend more private time with Campos following Monday's "double date" in which Kelly and Paige went on a lunch date with Campos, sharing rides in a limo and a helicopter.

There'll be more kissing, too. Campos stole a pair of kisses from Kelly in the limo while Paige was using the restroom.

"He likes to kiss me," said Ford. "And I like kissing boys, too."

Anita Ford says the show hasn't quite portrayed the real Kelly Ford, "but that's television and they need more drama. I know my children."

And how is Kelly's father, Lee, reacting?

"He's taking it all in," said Anita. "He's just so glad she's still in it."

Kelly, who saw the third episode for the first time at home Monday night, said she was surprised how the show was edited. "Some of the things were taken out of context to make it more dramatic than it really was."

Like in the limo scene where the 33-year-old Campos tells 21-year-old Paige "you're too young for me." Fearing that probably meant she would be booted, Paige said she was hurt by the comment.

"Actually, he'd been joking about that age thing all day just to get her all riled up," said Ford, 24. "She just took it too seriously."

Meanwhile, local ratings on the show at Channel 13 continue a steady climb from a 7.1 rating for the first episode to 7.7 for the second to 9.5 for the third. Each rating pointing equals about 10,000 homes.

"It's difficult to pinpoint whether the climb is because of more interest in her or because the show is whittling down its contestants," said WTHR program director Rod Porter. "I would expect ratings to build in a show like this."

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