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Thread: Paige's smoking gun

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    Yikes. 2 DWIs in 3 months at 19, then driving again with her license suspended, then failing to complete the terms of her adjudicated sentence... Paige, we Americans are all for re-inventing the self, but you forgot the part where you fess up to the problem and take steps to correct yourself in the future. Pollyanna-ing your way around a 'reality' show is not how you go about solving whatever problems these incidents seem to speak to...

    Whoever mentioned low self-esteem re Paige was right... I think this is a girl who has no idea who she really is, and no desire to remember who she was.

    Could it be that this show has accidental depth?

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    irresponsible little b****; she could have killed someone....

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    To quote someone from the Kelly thread:

    "i don't know why everyone keeps saying that these girls are stupid...especially kelly. while it is not a huge feat to obtain a degree these days, all of these girls obvsiosly possess some sort of self-marketing skills or they would not be where they are. we all may be entertained by their antics, but most of this will get some sort of job/money out of this even if they lose. how many of you can say that about things you've done?"

    I guess Paige's idea of "self-marketing skills" are a little unorthodox, but what the heck, she has certainly "entertained us with her antics."

    We need more people like her roaming the streets of Dallas in a drunken stupor behind the wheel of a 2-ton vehicle. Very impressive, quite commendable, and how incredibly entertaining. She must be very proud of herself.

    I hope to God she doesn't kill someone one day. If she wins the annual $18 K prize, she ought to spend it in a rehab. facility. Maybe she can convince Rob to go with her and they can get a group discount.

    (Paige, if you're reading this, get some help!)

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    WOW! She's only 21, but she already got 3 mugshots taken for 3 different offenses, plus pictures in bikinis and as Miss Dallas Night Club. She has quite an impressive photo album going

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    Poor Paige. All she wanted was a little fame, a little man, and now she only has reality show infamy. Her mugshots reveal that she looks a lot better now.

    I think we saw Paige drinking wine with Kelly and Rob while the other women were making dinner for Slobbering Rob.

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    WOW! She's only 21, but she already got 3 mugshots taken for 3 different offenses, plus pictures in bikinis and as Miss Dallas Night Club. She has quite an impressive photo album going
    too funny !! Paige and Rob do deserve each other

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    I hope Rob chooses Paige. What a pair of losers. They deserve each other. She will probably take him instead of a million dollars. What a hoot that would be.

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    Past is haunting a second contestant on NBC reality show

    Past is haunting a second contestant on NBC reality show

    By ED BARK / The Dallas Morning News

    NBC's For Love or Money and its North Texas duo hit another rut Thursday when 21-year-old Paige Jones of Richardson's recent brushes with the law were documented on TheSmokingGun.com Web site.

    Ms. Jones who also has a site selling "LovePaigeJones.com" logoed panties, thongs, T-shirts and coffee mugs was arrested three times in 2001, twice for driving while intoxicated and also for driving with a suspended license.

    In October 2001, Ms. Jones was sentenced to two years of probation and ordered to attend a DWI education program. Additionally, her driver's license was revoked for one year and she was ordered to perform 80 hours of community service. She also paid a total of $900 in fines for the offenses.

    Ms. Jones could not be reached for comment Thursday. Jill Carmen, NBC's For Love or Money spokeswoman, said the network is aware of TheSmokingGun.com report on Ms. Jones, but "we don't have any immediate comment."

    TheSmokingGun.com corroborated its report with police and court documents and mug shots of Ms. Jones taken after her arrests. It may be bad timing for her. Her Web site said she is scheduled to appear on the QVC shopping network Friday afternoon as a representative of the Euroclean Magicloth and PVA Mop.

    On NBC, she is among four Love or Money finalists still vying for the affections of the show's previously besmirched bachelor, 33-year-old Dallas defense attorney Rob Campos. His final choice has the option of walking away with $1 million instead of him. The six- episode show, which was taped earlier this year, reached its halfway point with Monday's episode. It has been a moderate success in the ratings so far.

    Mr. Campos ran afoul of TheSmokingGun.com last week, when the Web site reported that he was dismissed from the U.S. Marine Corps' Judge Advocate General (JAG) unit in 1999 after he "drunkenly groped" the breasts of a Navy officer whose dormitory room he had entered uninvited.

    NBC and Mr. Campos acknowledged the incident in a network press release. His besotted behavior on the second episode of For Love Or Money also made news, with some of the show's female suitors variously describing him as a "tramp," a "jerk" and a "player." A Dallas law firm where he rented office space then evicted Mr. Campos and expunged his biography from its Web site.

    Ms. Jones was his lone defender on the show's eventful second episode, saying she "had the best night ever" after his kiss took her breath away.

    Mr. Campos has not returned repeated phone calls, but he recently told his side of the story to the syndicated Access Hollywood program, which is produced and distributed by NBC.

    "NBC and the producers did ask me about my past," he said. "I regret that I didn't tell them about this [the groping incident]. I guess I was a little naive that it might remain private."

    Mr. Campos said he has "apologized to the lady involved and I've tried to move on."

    The home page for Ms. Jones' Web site says simply, "No regrets, no looking back, no second thoughts."


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    I'm 38 and haven't had a mugshot yet. I feel left out.

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    You can have one of mine. They're fun!

    Here's proof... take a look at Steve McQueen's from thesmokinggun.com: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/mugshots/mcqueenmug1.html

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