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Thread: "Guilty or Not, Here I Come" - "For Love or Money" Recap, Episode 3 (June 16th)

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    Great Recap!!

    I tried to talk myself out of watching last night but I did not listen.
    This show is horrible and the worst reality show I have ever seen.

    But I want to see what happens next week when Rob finds out about the money!!

    I'm in the money (someone is saying)!

    Thanks again for this recap you are right on.

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    ...and Andrew Firestone beat him out for the Bachelor! Will wonders never cease?

    Hey, thanks EVERYBODY!

    It really makes me happy to know that all my hard work and sacrifice (I'm NOT kidding here) pays off in your appreciation.

    That's my reward.

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    Great recap Cali!! I love getting someone else's perception of what I saw happening case in point: Laura on the bed with Rob : when she said hands on top of the blankets and showed her own hands I took that to mean that she was showing that HER hands werent wandering.. not telling him not to let his hands wander. Love it!! Thanks so much
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Thanks so much for your pain and suffering Caligirl!

    I didn't fall asleep during your recap, can't say that about the show. Laura was gone when she proclaimed, "I dig you and I know you dig me." I knew she was a goner.
    Spay and Neuter your Pets!

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    The problem is, we all hate Rob, and say we hate this show, but we watch it, lots of us. And the network doesn't care if it's good or bad publicity, it's PUBLICITY. which gets attention. damn this unfair cycle! I'm sure the next For Love or Money is in the works now. I wonder if the girls know the money is paid over 40 years. I would think if they showed me a CHECK, it would mean I would GET THAT check. ARGH! This show is infuriating!!!!!!

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    Well, I don't watch the show because I am addicted to CBS on monday nights, but I do read your recaps and they are very entertaining! Probably better then actually watching the show, so a big Thanks Cali!
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    You guys are great! Thank you!

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    This show is like a bad car accident,as bad as it is you just gotta watch...

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    Great job CaliGirl! I can't bring myself to watch the show but they put such great teases out there I always wonder what's happening. Glad I got you girl!
    "You better watch your mouth sunshine."-Daryl Dixon

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    Come on! Give it a try. Don't let me feel alone out there. You have to see this disaster for yourself.

    Actually, I have been getting quite a bit of email from non-FORT members that are watching it.

    Glad you enjoy my recaps.

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