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Thread: Reality show lesson

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    Reality show lesson

    This show is the best reflection of the reality dating scene. So far, we have only watched three episodes, and the girls in the show probably had met Rob for two or three weeks, but some already suck face with the loser, said things like " Oh, he is everything I need, he is perfect, he is such a gentleman....blah blah blah." On the other hand, Rob, as a "Gentleman", of course wouldn't mind taking advantage of these women. LOVE IT! And if these any of them are going to sleep with him later in the show. Who to blame!!!

    It is also interesting how these girls complimented on Rob, but once they got eliminated, most will have negative comment about him. hehe how realistic, dirty, naughty. They all deserve it! Shame those people!

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    Per the NBC site, next week Rob learns the girls' nasty little secret about the money.

    Who do you think will go next?

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    Lauren will go next.

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