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Thread: TV Bachelor 'Disassociated' From Law Firm

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    TV Bachelor 'Disassociated' From Law Firm

    From the AP
    Rob Campos, the bachelor star of NBC's dating game ``For Love or Money,'' has a choice of women. But he no longer has his job.

    The Dallas law firm where he did independent contract work has let Campos go. The founder of Mathur Law Offices, Sanjay Mathur, said Wednesday the firm was severing its ties with him.

    Mathur was unhappy with reports that Campos had been expelled from a military program in 1999 for drunkenly groping a female officer. He also didn't like Campos' behavior in the show's second episode this week, an alcohol-soaked party with him and 10 women in a hot tub.

    ``What we do not want is negative publicity in relation to our firm,'' Mathur said. ``We are obviously very concerned about our reputation and how prospective clients might feel about our regard for their rights.''

    An NBC spokeswoman didn't immediately return a call for comment, and Campos couldn't be located on Wednesday.

    The 33-year-old Campos is the star of a romantic fantasy game, where he must choose a potential mate from among 15 women. The woman will be asked to choose between Campos and a $1 million prize.

    The second of six episodes aired Monday night, with Campos alienating many of the women by making drunken romantic overtures to nearly all of them in the hot tub.

    The Web site The Smoking Gun, which has specialized in uncovering embarrassing incidents in the pasts of reality TV stars, on Monday revealed the incident that took place while Campos wa stationed at the Naval Justice School in Newport, R.I., in 1999.

    The 27-year-old woman kneed Campos in the groin, he collapsed, and she fled the room, the report said. He then allegedly vomited all over the woman's bathroom.

    The incident effectively ended his military career.

    ``I was absolutely shocked,'' Mathur said. ``I don't want to see my hard work go to waste based on a decision Mr. Campos made.''

    Lawyers need to be held in the highest regard, he said.

    Campos had worked for Mathur Law Offices as an associate attorney since December 2001.

    Mathur said he told Campos of the decision on Tuesday.
    "They can only edit what you give them. They cannot manufacture a fictional character out of thin air." (Bill Rancic - 4/04)
    Regarding editing reality TV: "You can't edit IN a bad personality." ("Cali"-11/02)
    BB8 - A "conveyor belt of human garbage." ("Pono" - 9/07)

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    You beat me to it, BF...I was just coming in here to post that...

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    "Lawyers need to be held in the highest regard, he said."

    What a farce this statement has proved here in the US!

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    It's so lame that both Mathur and Campos are claiming he never really worked for them... but was always independet. If you went to their website two days ago, they listed three attorneys on staff. He was the one specializing in immigration.

    Something about the quick turnaround, Campos total lack of concern, and the press this is getting makes me think all of this was pre-arranged... Campos has already registered RobCampos.com (edited by John) , and is apparently presuming he'll now get work on soap operas.

    Please God... if we as a country allow this assmunch to profit from this experience, can you just bury our entire landmass 10 feet deep in a plaugue of poison tree frogs? I don't want to live in a world where Campos is king...
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    Great article in today's Washington Post:

    To view the entire article, go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...r=emailarticle

    Reality Bites: Law Firm Drops 'Love or Money' Bachelor

    By Lisa de Moraes
    Like the Trojan women -- at least in the movie -- the women of "For Love or Money" (FLOM) have risen to moral victory over skanky man Rob Campos.

    Campos, the lawyer-bachelor on NBC's pick-a-chick series, has been dumped by his Dallas firm because, the law firm's founder says, the FLOM Women were so repulsed by Campos's behavior in this week's episode.

    The report that appeared earlier this week on the Web site thesmokinggun.com, which said Campos had been pulled out of the military's judge advocate general training program for drunkenly groping a female officer, didn't help either, Mathur Law Offices founder Sanjay Mathur told the TV Column yesterday.

    But the FLOM Women are the ones who brought down the brilliantined bad boy after suffering one degradation after another at his hands in this week's episode.

    For those who missed it, a fractured Campos ruined a perfectly lovely dinner party by asking the FLOM Women to remove his boots, and not in a good way. After that, he dropped his pants and marched out to the hot tub, where he experimented with making passes at 10 women simultaneously. In Act 3, the FLOM Women are seen sitting around, emotionally prostrate, lamenting the catastrophe that has befallen them at the hands of this bachelor from Hades, who is nothing like the hot guys on, say, "The Bachelor." Real tragic stuff.

    "I think that their comments were in line with what public perception of his actions would be," Mathur said.

    On his firm's Web site, Mathur also expressed alarm over the smokinggun.com report that Campos was dumped from the JAG program in 1999 for groping an officer -- also while intoxicated. Here, too, the woman prevailed, kneeing him in the groin and leaving the room.

    Campos's decision to star in the pick-a-chick series -- in which he would get to canoodle 15 women simultaneously and pick one to win, who would then be offered $1 million to dump him -- had been hunky-dory with the law firm. Until yesterday it was bragging on its Web site that "Rob Campos may be recognizable to you from his recent fame on the hit reality television series 'For Love or Money.' "

    Mathur said he wasn't familiar with reality dating series, though he had heard of them. "I'm not a fan of reality television; I'm more a fan of informative television," he said.

    Now that he is more familiar with the genre, Mathur said he's surprised that "anybody allows themselves to be portrayed poorly on national television."

    "What I do know -- 'Joe Millionaire,' he's a construction worker," Mathur said, adding that behavior expected of a lawyer is different from that expected of a construction worker.

    So yesterday, where Campos's bio once was posted, the Mathur Law Offices posted a message telling Web surfers that Campos was never actually an employee.

    After he returned to Texas from New York in 2001, the firm offered him a position as "an independent contractor to perform 'associate attorney' duties" and he also "had discretion of practice on his own cases."

    "Since Mr. Campos has never been a formal 'employee' of this firm, the firm simply will cease any additional work and we have asked him to vacate his office space," the company said.

    In a statement put out by NBC yesterday afternoon, Campos said: "I was never an employee of the Mathur law firm; I worked with them as an independent contractor. I rented space at their office in Dallas and did not receive a salary. I also maintained my own set of clients. Although I will no longer be associated with that firm, I do plan to continue in the private practice of law."

    On Monday's episode of "For Love or Money," Campos returned to the FLOM Women's lair to apologize for his behavior and explain that he hoped someday to tell his granddaughter that he had met Grandma on an NBC reality series. I'm sorry to report that the women lapped it up.

    Mathur, however, did not.

    "An apology may be sufficient in a private context, where a person's indiscretions do not become a matter of public opinion. But given the necessity for a lawyer to be held in high esteem by their colleagues and clients and prospective clients," said Mathur, who clearly has spent no time in Washington, "it doesn't wash away the effect of the actions."

    Mathur said that because of the reaction his firm was getting to the smokinggun.com story and to Monday's episode, he had no choice but to cut ties with Campos.

    "The publicity will pass, but the impression will linger. I thought I had to act quickly to protect other people working at the firm, our clients . . . and my reputation."

    he whole story...
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    Any link, Brock, or are you just going to tease us?

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    Here's the link to The Smoking Gun article about this slime...

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