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Thread: NBC Announcement regarding For Love Or Money

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    It happened about 4 years ago so he would have been almost 30. A little bit too old to plead frat boy excuses.

    I don't know how you blow this story out of proportion. If she kneed him in the groin then his behavior was as offensive as what we've seen on the show...which is more than enough to pass judgement on this lecherous lush.

    I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to claim alcohol-induced amnesia until the producers showed him the footage and force-fed him those unbelievable apology lines.

    This man needs years of intensive psychotherapy...or at least 5 minutes with Dr. Phil.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    Even without knowing the recent revelations, it was clear to all watching the show that the guy is a complete loser.
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    Yeah, I pretty much pegged him as a loser on show number one. Don't even care if he was eating paste in kindergarden. This guy is a loser deluxe.

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    Yes he is a jerk and a loser. I bet he is really regretting his decision to be on the show - he lost his job as an attorney. Will he find another one??? What firm would hire him now? He has really screwed up.
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