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Thread: Rob - Fired.

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    Rob - Fired.


    "The recent news stories related to Mr. Campos' misconduct during his tenure as a Marine are alarming. Furthermore, we were concerned about his conduct during the second episode of the TV show "For Love or Money" on NBC, which aired on June 9, 2003. Taking the two events together, we find that it is in the best interest of this firm to disassociate our relationship with Mr. Campos. Since Mr. Campos has never been a formal "employee" of this firm, the firm simply will cease any additional work and we have asked him to vacate his office space."

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    Fired from his job at the law firm---WOW! Reality TV causes big repercussions in REAL LIFE!!

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    FORT Fanatic mimi's Avatar
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    Having worked in a law firm myself, I'm not surprised this happened. It's a very competitive field, and no one wants to be associated with knuckleheads. Bad for business.

    Good work, Brock! Inquiring minds want to know, and you have provided. Hot off the press, too!

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    Yes, it's much harder to disgrace the construction company you drive a Bobcat for, I guess.

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    More ratings for NBC...............

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    "Oh what a tangled web we weave..."

    This is how I see it. Most of the contestants that appear on "Reality TV" have aspirations other than remaining in their present fields.

    This may not always be the case. Ethan Zohn and Tina Wesson are two of the anomalies that have chosen a private life.

    However, most of the others end up making appearances and cashing in on their fifteen minutes. I have a feeling that Rob is no different.

    Maybe he'll become become a motivational speaker -- we've heard him say some profound things, haven't we?

    I wonder if NBC has another bombshell waiting for us with the second series that is being taped now.

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    John! lmao,, I bet it in fact got him a promotion!

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    state of denial
    My only question on this is that they post this notice one day after the show and then say they made this decision "without haste"... UH... 1 day? c'mon that's a bit too much to swallow.

    I don't like what this guy did, but that's just a bit too much knee-jerk reaction over something on a reality program. If they really didn't like him, did they have to make their firm sound so morally superior?

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    Originally posted by John
    Yes, it's much harder to disgrace the construction company you drive a Bobcat for, I guess.
    Is it even possible?

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    I feel bad for him. What will he do now? Who's gonna hire him? Who will want him? Ick. Poor thing. Hope his life doesn't flush down the drain just because of a big mistake. Ouch.

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