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Thread: Is NBC at fault for endangering the women?

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    Originally posted by lol_its_fun
    I think NBC has no responsbility to ensure the guy is a gold mine or sugar daddy ( This show is NOT called " THe Bachelor")
    Keep in mind... everyone on the show was brought in under the guise of a show called "Looking for Love," and knew nothing about the money UNTIL the show already started production, and were promised the man of their dreams, as the host keeps saying in the first episode. Obviously, it takes a bit of naivete to presume NBC would be able to find a man who is in fact a perfect match for each woman, but the fact that they sold the show to the women in the first place as a search for a mate and instead provided a guy with a history of alcohol abuse and assaulting women (note: NOT just groping... he stopped only because she kneed him in the groin) is very unseemly at best, and misrepresentation and cuplable negligence at the worst.

    Of course, I could be wrong. I keep hearing that from people about my opinions...

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    I dont think the women were ever in danger. I like that they all banded together after "the hot tub" incident. I think the networks should do a more thorough and indepth backgroud check on everyone involved in their shows.
    ummm yes it is a big deal to be groped wether the jerk is drunk or sober, man or woman. A person does not have the right to ever invade the personal space of another. It seems to me that Rob is a product of the good ole' boy faction that thinks if you are wearing a short skirt you are getting what you asked for. And how degrading to ask someone not only to help you remove your boots (like a servant) but to ask the woman to turn around so he got a good look at her backside was uncalled for and I for one wouldnt have accepted his apology... but in retrospect I probably would have done what the other girls did, band together and decide that we werent going to take crap but we were going to make nice for the money. For $1 million I think I'd be ok with letting him think he was getting one over on me. Paige is as bad as he is.. she just hasnt had as much time to make the same mistakes lets check back on her in 12 years shall we? lol
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