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Thread: Unbelievable!

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    Agreed... she's advertising it in a wink wink wait till the damn breaks kind of way, when in fact NO SANE MAN would want to get anywhere near a sexual relationship with a 26 year old virgin unless he was ready to get married... like Costanza said, that's a lot of pressure. They always remember the first one. I don't want to be remembered. I want to be forgotten.

    Now if Laura announced she was still a virgin, that would be interesting...

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    Originally posted by Abelard
    The thing is that Alima, the virgin, commented on her eviction that he lost out on getting a virgin, as if she and her "virginity" were some prize in a brothel.
    That bothered me a great deal as well. If you're a virgin because you want to be - great. If you're a virgin because you find that makes you somehow 'better' than everyone - well, that's a whole other story.

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    having sex is a fad? oh. hope it doesn't go out of style anytime soon!!!

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    Originally posted by Miss Filangi
    That bothered me a great deal as well. If you're a virgin because you want to be - great. If you're a virgin because you find that makes you somehow 'better' than everyone - well, that's a whole other story.
    I agree.

    I didn't like the comment she made at all, it seemed like a very strange thing to say.
    Perhaps she thinks all men crave virgins.
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    Perhaps she is vying to be the next sacrificial offering for the volcano Gods, and wishes that her intact hyman (can I say that?) will improve her chances.

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    Alima, the virgin

    I know Alima personally and I think it's so sad that everyone thinks that she was trying to say that b/c she was a virgin, she thinks she's "better than everyone else." I've known her now for 5 years, and she normally isn't so open about it, because she never wants to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. I talked to her about why she mentioned it twice on the show and she said that the interviewers kept obsessing about it and most of the questions they asked her revolved around being a virgin. She said she was sick of it by the last interview, and was trying to be funny by saying "He just missed out on a virgin". Not trying to be cocky in any way, she just didn't know what else to say.

    Alima is the type of girl that always wants to bring out the best in others, and around other girls, she rarely tells them of her vow of celibacy. To guys, she usually tells them right away so that if they are only looking for that, then they shouldn't waste their time! I was a virgin until I got married as well, so this is a very sensitive subject for me. Of course there you ALWAYS struggle, because you WANT to have sex... you just don't want it to be meaningless or have the fear of pregnancy, STD's, etc.

    I am so proud of her for being able to stand up for what she believes in on national TV... even if that IS the only real focal point that NBC felt they had to emphasize.

    She really is a great girl and sometimes reality shows don't always bring out the person's TRUE characteristics. Just remember that.

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    You know, it's the editing's fault that made her sounded so arrogant about being a virgin. From the little of what we've seen her in the show, she doesn't seem like the "sore loser" type who leaves with a hateful comment.

    It's obvious that the producers were stressing this virgin point in reality TV shows lately, I'm pretty sure Millie and Chuck wouldn't mind if their caption of virgins after dating of 12 years was left out, but since it seems like being a virgin is a selling point in reality tv, the producers makes what is a little deal into a huge fuss. Yep, tell you friend that I'm with her all the way.

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    I thought Alima was a nice woman and the fact that she's a virgin shouldn't be a point to belittle. Of course the network big boys are going to hype on that point.

    Being a virgin should never be a statement, just as I don't believe I need to know if someone is "gay" either. I don't go around saying that I had premarital sex or that I'm "straight". In this age of MTV the Real World (which I do watch LOL) and shows that truly further the thought that sex is something that everyone should be doing either in a relationship or out, it is nice to know that some people don't jump on the bandwagon and take the time to think about what is right for them. I personally hope that my kids think about their choices before deciding whether they should or should not have sex. I certainly will applaud a choice of celibacy over an easy roll in the hay with someone you just met!

    To say that something is seriously wrong with some one who is still a virgin at 26 in this day and age, just goes to show that people are really feeding into the lower standards of morals that television has been promoting. Hold on tight viewers, we ain't seen nothing yet - the worst is yet to come. And no - I'm not a born again Christian - just a concerned 40 something mom with impressionable teens at home.

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    There's nothing wrong with being a virgin at any age, if you think sex is only part of marrage and you are unmarried. I had problems with the "well he missed out on a virgin" comment. It struck me as she would have slept with him at some point on the show or soon afterwards since well there was this million dollars involved. It just seemed like an odd trashy kind of comment to me, but that is just my opinion.
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    This whole idea that sex is something that can only be part of marriage is antiquated and has absolutely nothing to do with morality. I hate to break it to people who think otherwise, but sex is actually enjoyable and not something women participate in because they want to catch the latest fad or they are terribly pressured by the men they know.

    Virginity is not some prize to be offered up and as Brock pointed out, being 26 years old and virgin is a liability. Unless you get involved with someone who is much younger than you, you will not be on the same level sexually and, I daresay, probably on other levels as well.

    Saying that holding out well into your 20s is more admirable than experiencing life and enjoying adult relationships to their fullest implies that sex is some awful thing to be endured by women only in return for a huge payoff (such as marriage). It is insulting to men and degrading to the women who are mature enough and comfortable enough with their bodies and their relationships to do what is perfectly natural and enjoyable.

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