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Thread: Who was the last one picked?

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    Who was the last one picked?

    My VCR tape ran out on me. Who was the last girl he picked, the black girl or the blonde???????

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    He kept Lauren... the blonde

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    Yeah what was up with that, my vcr quit too and I had it set for 2 minutes after the hour just in case.

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    It seems to have started late tonight. When CTV switched back to NBC at the end of the show I had to rewatch another 7 or 8 minutes of the ending before Dateline came on. I have no idea why this happened, though.

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    Hey Woodson

    If I get a copy of the last few minutes I''ll send it to you. e-mail me at dorian@pacbell.net anyone who can copy and send the last segment to me will be justly rewarded

    Someone help us!

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