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Thread: Million Dollars? Maybe in Hell!!!

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    From what I saw when I was working a show it was scary, seriously, what people were willing to do. For much less than this show. You know I don't usually watch any reality tv except to occasionally look at what I worked on. This show really is treating the women pretty well. The producers have a clue about people, I don't know if this will get them ratings though. Maybe a humanitarian award or something. You want to get renewed you got to produce ratings. Just my thoughts.

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    Thankfully we don't have to watch the booted contestants burn 40 cheques each time though.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    I'd like to see independent verification of that disclaimer information before I rush to judgement, myself. Not that I don't trust TWoP, but really, anyone can post anything, and I hate to base my opinions on unsubstantiated rumor.

    But, if it's paid out over 40 years, that's idiotic. On the plus side, it's not taxed at the 37% tax rate, it's taxed at the winner's normal tax bracket rate each year. So, we'll assume they make less than 50k per year, and they actually would take home $18,250 each year.

    Myself, I wouldn't really mind having an extra $18,000 check coming my way each year for the next 40. It would make vacation planning a lot smoother.

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    Hey, we watch people eat some really nasty things (horse intestines anyone?) for $50,000 (before taxes)... people will do anything for money.

    I almost dated a guy for money... (not that he was paying, just rich) but after a few dates I was so freaked out that I would have to kiss him to keep going that I stopped calling.

    What would y'all do for money? Anyone?

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    >Off to Vegas, baby and turn those nickels into GOLD!

    Just to clarify, with the money the winner of this show will get (plus the $50 a day they said they get for expenses... woo hoo!), it's not Vegas, baby!

    Maybe Branson, baby! Mohegan Sun! Mashantucket Connecticut, baby! Who's the big winner? Mikey is!

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    Re: Million Dollars? Maybe in Hell!!!

    Originally posted by brockdrywall
    This just in from the forum at TWOP.com: according to the rapid fire disclaimer at the end of the episode...


    1,000,000, minus 37% leaves 630,000.

    630,000 divided by 40 is 13.


    And, of course, much less in 2043, when we'll all be living in Jetson Palace and using the space Euro...

    To paraphrase 'Field of Dreams,', f*cking owners.
    this is a joke, I didn't even know that...til now..

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    More complete breakdown from TWOP.com:

    "Annuities 101 (from an actuary)

    State lotteries have been giving Million + prizes as annuities for a long tome (sic) now, because it costs much less to give someone $1 million over 20 years instead of having to come up with all the money today. 20 years is standard for an award like this. 40 years is pretty crappy.

    Basically, what happens is that NBC pays an insurance company a fixed amount today (let's say $400,000) and the insurance company invests the money and pays out the winner $25,000 per year (taxable) for 40 years. Alternatively, the contestant can take the $400,000 today in lieu of the annuity.

    The actual cash value of the annuity depends on how much the insurance company assumes the long term interest rate will be. Some examples are:

    5%: $450,000
    8%: $322,000
    10%: $269,000

    And I have no doubt that whoever wins will take the cash value, since $25,000/year is a nice income bonus, but doesn't exactly allow you to live the high live. But I think NBC has been notoriously cheap with their prize money, giving only $50,000 to a Fear Factor winner (sometimes only $25,000) and $100,000 to the grand champion."

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