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Thread: NBC Reality Show to Air Despite Star's Past

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    NBC Reality Show to Air Despite Star's Past

    NBC Reality Show to Air Despite Star's Past
    Mon Jun 9, 5:39 PM ET Add Entertainment - Reuters to My Yahoo!

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - NBC has become the latest network to discover an unpleasant reality about one of its reality TV shows.

    The network on Monday said it would continue to air the reality series "For Love or Money," despite discovering that its star hid the fact he left the U.S. Marine Corps after being disciplined for groping a female officer.

    In a statement, NBC said the incident involving attorney Rob Campos was not a matter of public record and as such was not uncovered by the investigators who did background checks for the show.

    "Nor did Mr. Campos inform the producers about the incident," NBC said. "Clearly, this would have been material information during the screening process."

    Campos, in a statement, said; "I have apologized to NBC .... for not informing them about the incident. I had believed that it was a private matter that had been resolved."

    An NBC spokeswoman told Reuters the show would air to completion and would not be affected by the incident. She also said the incident would not be disclosed on-air. In the six-episode show, Campos chooses a prospective mate from among 15 beautiful women -- not knowing that the woman he picks receives $1 million.

    Broadcast networks have been stung repeatedly in recent years by revelations of the criminal or otherwise unsavory backgrounds of reality show participants.

    Fox removed a contestant from its "American Idol" competition this season after discovering she had posed topless on a Web site, while a number of contestants in CBS's "Big Brother" series have been fingered for behavior like drunk driving and assault in recent years.

    The details of Campos' background first appeared Monday on legal information Web site The Smoking Gun.

    The site, citing an account of the incident provided by the female officer in an interview, said Campos rushed into the woman's room and grabbed her breasts. The woman said she struck Campos in the groin with her knee, causing him to enter the woman's bathroom and vomit.

    Campos, who spoke briefly to the Web site, said the woman had made advances toward him but said he could not recall groping her, being struck, or vomiting.

    NBC's media site describes Campos as a "handsome and charming Dallas defense attorney." Campos' biography on the Web site of the Mathur Law Offices said that after his Marine Corps training, Campos served in the JAG Corps, the military legal branch. But according to the Smoking Gun, Campos was pulled out of Judge Advocate General training after the incident.

    The first episode of the show, which aired last Monday, was strong for the network, particularly among audiences aged 18 to 49, the core demographic for advertisers.

    NBC is a unit of General Electric Co. Fox is unit of News Corp. Ltd. CBS is a unit of Viacom Inc.
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    Bet y'all NBC's million dollars the ratings for tonight are higher than the premiere... and NBC leaked the story to thesmokinggun.

    Just a hunch.

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    "The woman said she struck Campos in the groin with her knee, causing him to enter the woman's bathroom and vomit. "

    This makes me giddy with glee.

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    Fortunately, he didn't vomit in her room, adding insult to injury.

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    "The woman said she struck Campos in the groin with her knee, causing him to enter the woman's bathroom"

    I certainly hope that's my first reaction if ever I'm cubed by a Marine... don't drop and gasp for air. Don't grab sensitive manly parts. Don't curl into fetal position. Simply excuse yourself and enter the bathroom.

    That's either really bad writing, or even Rob's reactions are idiotic. It's entirely possible he has a dumb cerebellum, too!

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