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Thread: For Love "AND" Money?

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    For Love "AND" Money?

    The rule seems to be seriously flawed. All it says is she chooses either 1 million or the man. But if she really falls in love with this guy, can't she choose 1 million first, then keep dating this guy after the show is over? The rule does not say she cannot do that. This guy may be interested in her even more after she gets 1 million. Unless I miss something, the rule does not really mendate "for love OR money" at all.

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    I haven't read the fine print, realitysucks, but I believe there is some sort of contractual obligation that must be fulfilled should the contestant choose the money.

    It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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    I still like the idea that if she chooses the money, they just take him out back and shoot him like a lame horse.

    Of course, brilliant litigator that he would appear to be, he could probably appeal that on being unfair and stuff, right? Or tell the judge she has a nice dress? Or that the Consitution matches the rug?

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    the million dollars is to be paid out a dollar a year for as long as she isn't dating him - of course then it would take a million years to get paid out . . .
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