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I stopped watching this show because I was so disappointed by it. Then I gave it another chance and guess what... I stopped watching again. Still bad and confused. I'm waiting for "America's Next Producer" to start. It looks like it will be what I was hoping OTL would be only for TV instead of film. I found their season preview on youtube. Looks good.
There is definately something about this show that is off. It doesn't have energy, personality, and the movie ideas have mostly been unoriginal (although they are getting better with the thinning group that remains).

I don't think it's any of the contestant's faults, though. They were selected out of thousands, so they must be good. And, to come up with an inventive idea with so little time seems near impossible for mortal brains.

I really like the premise, and I think it can be done well....I'm just not sure how. I hope they bring it back for a 2nd season (I hope they continue to air this season so we see who wins!) but with revisions.