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Thread: Trever James

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    Trever James

    Location: Hollywood, CA
    Hometown: Great Falls, MT
    Occupation: Film Editor
    Age: 24

    Why am I here?

    You want the truth? I am here because I love what I do. (Period) I WANT TO DIRECT!

    A quick tour of my life

    I was born and raised in Great Falls, MT, but currently live in Hollywood, CA. Coming from a small town, growing up, I had two passions: The Outdoors and Movies. Since I was 5 years old, I've wanted to be an actor (which I still do someday). Growing up as an actor, I'd spend every last second I could on stage and making fun horror films with my friends. I moved to Denver after high school to further my acting career, where I met my best friend (brother), Luke Rold. He and I moved out to Hollywood to go to La Film School were we created our 1st co-directing collaboration, BLOCKBUSTERS.

    Describe yourself in one sentence...

    A passionate, creative, analytical Aries that's constantly moving.

    Your theme song?

    Life is a Highway~ Rascal Flatts version

    First movie you ever saw?

    Superman: The Movie

    Favorite line from a movie?

    "That doesn't just happen, this doesn't happen. You don't just walk into a meeting and say BUG"~~~BIG

    What made you want to be a filmmaker?

    The magic of films! It's a really cool feeling that, since I was 5 years old, I've woken up every day knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life: To tell stories! I want to make magic. I'm a storyteller. I'm just following my dreams. How many people get to truly say that?

    When you make a film what do you want the audience to leave with?

    I want them to feel satisfied. I want them to leave feeling they had a great time and that they experienced at least one thing that made their day a little better. That was FUN! Because movies are fun!

    When I'm behind the camera...

    I'm like a big kid, always have been, and always will be...forever and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever,..........and ever.

    What do you think it will be like working with other Directors?

    Challenging, but fun. Everyone has different talents and different points of view, so I feel this could be a good learning experience.

    Movie that best encapsulates who you are?

    The image of me standing on the moon or another planet, looking back at the earth!

    While On The Lot you have a week to make a film every week. What's the biggest challenge?

    Staying creative in my own element and my own style of telling stories.

    When you get the power, how will you use it?

    Well I won't throw it into the fires of Mount Doom. That's for sure!

    What's more important talent or ego?

    More important: Talent More effective: Ego
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Re: Trever James

    So Trever is from Hollywood, babeee. He had no comments so here's mine.

    He likes Life is a Highway. And he likes the version by Rascall Flatts. That's a very good thing
    Live simply ~ Love generously~ Care deeply~ Speak kindly

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