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Thread: 5/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I agree that Carrie Fisher - who is actually a very intelligent woman - is making herself look like a goofball. She seems to have trouble expressing her thoughts in complete sentences, and by the way, what is the deal with her exaggerated head and arm movements? She looks like a bobblehead doll, especially next to the episode's guest judge, who is calm, contained, and articulate.

    Here's my take on the films.


    Lucky Penny was great. Simple, fun, nicely shot, wickedly sinister, and paced perfectly.

    Spaced Out was saved by the aliens. The basic plot ("see, first they barf all over this cop. And then they do it again!") wasn't anything to write home about, but the goofy little aliens were such a great sight gag that it made the short fun to watch anyway.

    Replication Theory was absolutely great. It astonishes me that the director got so much material packed into just one minute, and made such a wide-ranging film about such a lowbrow topic, but in the end it just worked.

    Danger Zone didn't exactly tell a story, but it was very well made and really interesting to watch. Still, I have a feeling that this director will collapse once the judges start asking for dramatic pieces that can't be built on special effects and graphics.

    Dance Man was simple, well-told, fun to watch, with a satisfying ending. Very nice indeed!


    Love In The Year 2007 was a very good concept, but the pace was too fast. With the self-help books, the ill-paced breakup telegram, the self-affirmed primping, and then the speed-dating scenes all in the space of one minute, she sort of lost the narrative flow in the middle. I liked it, but not as well as some of the others.

    Deliver Me was wacky and interesting - which is good - but it tried to cram too many themes into a one minute short. Was it about the overworked woman, her lack of involvement in the process of having a baby, or the effectiveness of the pain drugs? The short jumped around too much.

    Soft was a good concept, and I loved the "can't see through the face mask" gag, but the judges were 100% correct: having his friends look so wimpy weakened the gag considerably.

    Check Out was a more successful version of what "To Screw in a Lightbulb" tried to be: a gag that draws its humor from a hard jump between fantasy and reality. This director did a better job, however.

    A Golf Story was beautifully done, but judge Gary Marshall was exactly right: there was no visual indicator that this was a MINI-golf competition, and that's a crucial plot point because regular golf lacks the rule about hitting the opponent's ball by mistake, which was the whole joke. This omission is particularly strange because a shot of eager crowds and telecasters gathered attentively around a giant minigolf windmill or pirate ship would have been a humorous sight gag, and well worth a few seconds of film! Can't imagine how the director missed it.


    Getta Rhoom was ill-conceived. If he had made the guy mean-spirited, or angry, or even drunk, the whole thing would have worked. However I agree with the judges that his protagonist looked severely retarded and/or autistic. He made his protagonist so impaired that I felt pity instead of humor. However the film itself was very well-made, and I hope the director survives into the next round so we can see something further from him!

    The Big Bad Heist avoided the challenge of producing a complete one-minute comedic story (which was the whole point of the assignment!) by producing a disjointed movie trailer instead. The trailer was fine, and had a couple of funny bits, but I imagine ANY of these contestants could have produced a great one-minute trailer. Doing a one-minute FILM is a bigger challenge, and one that this contestant didn't even attempt.

    Please Hold just wasn't funny. There was some nice camera work, but a one-minute comedy should at least make you smile. This one didn't.

    File Size could not overcome its inferior story concept, despite some decent cinematography. The basic idea just wasn't amusing.


    Wack Alley Cab was disastrously awful. It had no plot, made no sense, and wasn't funny at all.

    Bus #1 would have been funny to a nine year old child. The punchline (apparently) was "urine stinks". Er, okay. Too bad most of the show's viewers are adults.

    To Screw In A Light Bulb had an interesting concept, but the director didn't bring the viewer along for the ride. The transitions from reality to fantasy and back again were too abrupt, and lacked any clues that would help the reader understand what was happening. In the end, it was confusing rather than funny.

    Blind Date had a nice setup and a disastrous conclusion. We were all expecting the protagonist to have a huge letdown at the end, of course, but the whole joke collapsed into mere toilet humor, which just wasn't funny.

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    Re: 5/28 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Welcome AlanZ. Great reviews!

    I just watched Mon. & Tues. back to back (my aspiring hip-hop artist neighbor downstairs finally gave me some peace and quiet).

    I loved 'Lucky Penny'. The aliens in 'Spaced Out' were hysterical, and I hope they are marketed (barfing included). There were a lot more I liked than didn't like. 'Danger Zone' was incredible.

    For me, Jessica's film was like a dream, where you're teetering between a
    happy fun pleasant dream and a full-on nightmare. And then you topple
    into the nightmare. I wanted to get the heck out of that room. It had
    an overwhelmingly claustrophobic feel. I'm intrigued by Jessica though,
    and am curious to see what else is in her head.

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