LCS Season Six Finale, I'd like to introduce you to LCS Season Three Finale...

Reports are coming in from across the country...that there are major markets where tonight's LCS Season Six Finale will not be aired by the local NBC affiliates...

...due to pre-season football games.

Markets already known to be in conflict, where the LCS finale will be pre-empted: New York (Giants pre-season game), Baltimore (Ravens pre-season game) and Cleveland (Browns pre-season game).

It's better than to be canceled in favor of a "Father of the Pride" marathon, to be sure...but perhaps the reason that this season was wrapped up much more quickly than some of us expected is due to NBC's upcoming commitment to their very expensive Olympics coverage.

Sports no likee comedy.

pg--I'm actually missing watching the finale live myself...because I've got baseball tickets. Pah!--seattle