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Thread: Last Comic Standing 5/22 Premiere Recap: 60 Minutes Too Long

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    Last Comic Standing 5/22 Premiere Recap: 60 Minutes Too Long

    Welcome to Last Comic Standing 6. We've gone global 2.0. We've also gone pathetic 2.0, ridiculous 2.0 and what the hell were you thinking 2.0. Hopefully sprinkled in between these losers and wannabees are some really talented newcomers. Or at least some entertaining producer plants.

    We start with last year's host Bill Bellamy and the yearning for the snarkiness of Jay Mohr. Unfortunately, he's busy chasing Jennifer Love Hewitt's "ghosts" and his wife's plastic surgeon. I digress for a moment, but have you seen his wife lately? She's had a run in with some collagen. She's got "those" lips now *wink wink*. I'm guessing that's why Jay's busy.

    Anywhoo, Bill is joined this year by Fearne Cotton, our British influence (?? huh ??) who basically just runs up and down interviewing people on the streets waiting in line. Repeat after me. Waste. Of. Time.

    So the talent scouts in New York are the incomparable Richard Belzer who currently stars in Law & Order (one of the 35 varieties) but most affectionaly known to this writer as Munch from Homicide and Bobby Bacala from the Sopranos, Steven Schirripa.

    We are "entertained" by Buck B'Gak (say it fast my friends) doing chicken jokes (imagine that, with a last name like B'Gak), animals, and basically just some pitiful souls. Since I'm trying to minimize this recap to "talent", we'll just give you a rundown of who makes it to the evening showcase.
    • Louis Ramey from NY who is pretty entertaining
    • Adam Sank. Last name gives it away. He's our resident gay comic
    • Esther Ku, who is a Korean-American comic whose mom wants her to win. You make them laugh rong time. I swear she said it. Right through the cell phone.
    • God's Pottery (who I keep wanting to call God's Poetry). They are, in their words, a Christian Acoustic Folk Duo with a Message. One of them wears a "Virginity Rocks" shirt. They audition with a nice little ditty called "the pants come off when the ring goes on".
    • The Stone Brothers, lovingly called Stone & Stone, but would be better called StoneD. They are twins who work off of each other, basically talking over each other. Think it could get old fast, but they are at least entertaining.
    • Dan Naturman - finally someone I recognize. I remember him from a previous LCS season (don't ask me which one) and he was as enjoyable tonight as he was on the unknown season. I'm glad to see him.
    • Al Jackson, Mark Theobold, Dan Curry and Michelle Buteau also move on.

    Showcase Showdown
    • Adam Sank performs first. He does a Project Runway schtick with a gay twist.
    • God's Pottery takes the stage and I still feel like I'm at a Free to be You and Me concert. They perform a folk song trying to make Jews yearn for Christ. It has potential to be....something.
    • Dan Curry's up and tells us he sent a horny text to his fiancee but accidentally sent it to his friend. Semi chuckleworthy.
    • Esther Ku - some Korean jokes. Some how to laugh properly jokes. Meh.
    • Al Jackson - Al was busy today. Between audition and showcase, Mrs. Jackson gave birth to a baby boy. I'm just hoping Al has better sense that to name him Michael. Or Jermaine. Or LaToya. He does some "used to be a teacher" jokes. Good delivery and kinda fun.

    So I'm at the point in the show thinking "cool, this is almost over. That hour and a half went so fast!" That's when Bill tells us we're heading to Tempe, AZ after Gotham. Crap.
    • Next up in NY is Dan Naturman. He does a great set about the internet. He gets a big laugh (from me at least). He also tells us about women in NYC.
    • Marc Theobold does a piece on candles and romance. Chuckle.
    • Louis Ramey. Funny little tanning salon bit. Funnier because he's black. You had to see it. I like him.
    • Angry Bob - referring to himself as the Travelocity Gnome. Talks about surgeries to better yourself. No. Just no.
    • Michelle Buteau - brief ghetto schtick
    • Stone & Stone - play the "notice the difference" game. They're borderline funny/borderline annoying

    We finally get to see who moves on to the semifinals from NY:
    1. Louis Ramey
    2. Stone & Stone
    3. Esther Ku
    4. God's Pottery (Angry Bob looks Angry at God's Pottery about now)
    5. Dan Naturman (whew!)

    So we move forward to Tempe where our talent scouts are Kathy Najimy (billed as from "Veronica's Closet". Hello, Kirstie Alley was 80 pounds thinner then. A LONG time ago) and Fred Willard (who just makes me laugh by looking at him. Old school me loves old school Fred).

    I can't bring myself to waste my time and yours telling you about the non-talent. I'll just say Tempe needs some shrinks and some psych wards.

    We see Marcus who somehow has no last name. I hate that. You, Marcus are no Roz. He is an impressionist mostly and is actually pretty funny. So yes, Marcus, you're no Roz. You're funnier.

    Adam Hunter - good energy (I guess). He moves on.

    PSA alert. Fearne is useless. She just is.

    Moving on we see some more comics. Rob Little who sounds eerily like Tom Arnold moves on. Christine Pazsitzsky is odd, but moves on. Robert Mac moves on. I immediately think the scouts are reconsidering moving Robert on.

    Showcase Showdown, Part Deux
    • Robert Mac leads off with really stupid political jokes. Yawn.
    • Jim McCue - or as I call him - Billy Joel. He lost 68 pounds stalking a jogger.
    • Chantal Rae - girl jokes. Blah.
    • Bryan Kellen - I think he's a dorky accountant disguised as a comedian. Does the running man.
    • Josh McDermitt - looks familiar to me. Not sure why. Funeral joke, psychic joke, good delivery. I like him.
    • Marcus - more impressions - Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, Gilbert Godfried, Bobcat Goldthwait. Entertaining
    • Adam Hunter - girlfiriend stuff. club and bar stuff. Just meh for me
    • Christina Pazsitzsky - Vegan jokes. 'nuff said
    • Phil Palisoul - spellchecker, internet, email jokes. I find him funny. Good delivery
    • Bobby Miyamoto - traveling with a new girl joke.
    • Rob Little - chubby jokes. He's entertaining (far more than Jon Reep, if you catch my drift)

    Moving on from Tempe
    1. Marcus
    2. Phil Palisoul (Yay - I liked him)
    3. Adam Hunter (boo - would have rather seen Josh McDermitt)

    So next week we have a 2 hour crapfest full of filler and auditions. So far, so good. No Buck Star.
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    Re: Last Comic Standing 5/22 Premiere Recap: 60 Minutes Too Long

    Fearne Cotton was the hostess? Or something like that? She was on the British version of Make Me A Super Model and drove me nuts with her symbol for walk off (W with her fingers). Couldn't stand her and will know to fast forward through her now that I've read the recap.

    Looks like they got a couple of good ones in there, awesome recap! I normally don't watch the audition segment of this show because my favorites never make in but I may just have to take a little look after reading this.

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    Re: Last Comic Standing 5/22 Premiere Recap: 60 Minutes Too Long

    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp;3020357;
    He's entertaining (far more than Jon Reep, if you catch my drift)
    The lint I pulled out of my drier is funnier than Jon Reep.

    Excellent recap, marybeth.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    Re: Last Comic Standing 5/22 Premiere Recap: 60 Minutes Too Long

    LOL! Great Recap! Almost glad I missed the actual show!

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