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Thread: Season One on Canadian TV

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    Season One on Canadian TV

    If you're in Canada the first season is being repeated currently on Wednesdays on GameTV.
    A rarely watch that station, it came with our cable package and seems to have hour upon hour of coverage of Texas Hold 'em tournaments.
    Season one has just got to the head to head stage.
    Sean Kent and Tere Joyce have been sent home.

    This channel also shows old episodes of The Mole too, so if you get the channel and liked those shows it's worth checking the guide.
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    Re: Season One on Canadian TV

    I have also seen Season One Fox Reality network. I think I have actually watched in a couple times, which is probably pathetic. But season 1 was the season I enjoyed the most.
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    Re: Season One on Canadian TV

    Darn - I just saw these posts. I would have loved to have seen Season 1 again. It was the Best season. Who can forget the Dave & Rich Show. LOL

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