I'm not much of a fan of Lavelle's, but I thought he got off his funniest line of the season when Gilbert Gottfried asked him if he if he was going to make it a black/white thing if he didn't win, and Lavelle said something like "yeah, I got Al Sharpton on speed-dial."

Thanks to Gilbert and to Kathleen Madigan, this was imo the funniest episode of the season - despite that sorry one-liners competition and the two finalists' lackluster sets. I think the funniest performance by any of this years' top 10 was Doug Benson's on 8/29, long after he'd been eliminated from the competition. I would have greatly preferred Ryan Hamilton, Sabrina Matthews, or Mel Silverback to almost all of this season's top 10.

For me, I don't think LCS has ever fully recovered from Dat Phan eliminating Dave Mordal in season 1 and the Dan Naturman fiasco in season 2. (I was glad, however, that Alonzo Bodden won season 3 - at least the voters got that one right.)