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Thread: 8/29 Show Discussion

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    8/29 Show Discussion

    No thread for yesterday's show? My, the poor un-loved comedians!

    I was surprised that Ralph was eliminated...but in a good way as I didn't like him myself. Though I did feel bad for him when he was eliminated; can't be nice to have your dream shattered. He handled it very well. It was kind of mean of them to keep trotting out the contestants to see if they would be able to perform. (I haven't watched LCS for a while so I can't remember if they did that in other seasons? I would have thought they would have told the eliminated contestant he was out first thing. I guess it makes for more dramatic tension to draw it out.)

    Gerry Dee- are they calling them out based on votes received? Would that mean Gerry got the most votes? I would find that surprising. Anyhow, an okay set. I liked his description of the girls looking at each other across the classroom to indicate they would be presentation partners.

    Lavell - maybe it is just me but I found it hard to understand Lavell this week and last week. I don't remember that being a problem before. He was ok. The grizzly bear encounter was funny.

    Amy - okay. Some of the mime jokes were outright lame, however. And I felt that I had heard them before from her - maybe from the opening rounds?

    Jon - I honestly don't even remember what his set was about. Yet I seem to recall it being a bit funny. Hmmm. Doesn't bode well.

    All in all, I'd say another mediocre night. Oh, I forgot to include Doug...well, mediocre fits for him as well. I hope they bring Matt in one week.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: 8/29 Show Discussion

    Hands down the funniest comedian was Doug Benson.

    What? We can't vote for him? Well, there goes my votes.

    Gerry For the first time this season, I actually found Gerry funny. And he didn't yell constantly like he's done previously. IMO, he won the night.

    Lavelle I still love me some Lavelle. His take on Gerry's joke was great, but I felt the bear/Boy Scout joke too long for such a short set.

    Amy Wow, what happened to Amy? Has she peaked? Last week she was bad, this week slightly better, but she has too many breaks and dead space that seems awkward.

    Jon This was arguably the weakest set. Last week I thought he was pretty good, this week he was terrible IMO.

    In fact I can't determine who was worse? Jon or Amy

    Glad that Ralph left, but IMO it was two weeks too late. Doug and/or Matt should be there instead. Speaking of which loved Doug's shout-out to Dante!

    And did everyone catch Kristin Key from last year?

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    Re: 8/29 Show Discussion

    Overall, a nothing night. However, I am really glad to see the back of Ralph Harris. Actually, I would have been fine seeing the back of John Reep as well, so seeing them standing together on stage at the end was a win-win for me.
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    Re: 8/29 Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by CCL;2551683;
    I was surprised that Ralph was eliminated...but in a good way as I didn't like him myself. Though I did feel bad for him when he was eliminated; can't be nice to have your dream shattered. He handled it very well.
    I felt the same way. His set was not good last week, so he "deserved" to go, but there were one or two that were worse whom I would rather have seen get voted off. Plus Ralph wanted it so bad and seemed like such a nice person that sending him home felt like stomping a Smurf

    I wish him all the best

    Gerry Dee -- I hate teachers like that. He may have been exaggerating a little, but there was a lot of truth to his set. I was a straight-A student, and I didn't appreciate having a teacher who was phoning it in.

    Amy -- We are still rooting for her, but this week's set was kind of weak.

    Lavelle -- had some funny bits for the first time in our opinion.

    the Hickory guy -- this week's was funnier.

    Did I miss anyone? None of the sets were "best comic in the world" funny.

    I'll be interested to see if the winner from last year who will perform on the next show is funny. I haven't heard anything about him since he won. One thing is guaranteed: he'll be funnier than Dat Phan.

    Btw, you all, this is OT but we saw the Bob Saget comedy special on HBO, and he was very funny (if you don't mind the potty mouth -- that is part of his act and persona). It was way better than the last Kathy Griffin special, which we actually paid (way too much!) to see as it was taped in our town.
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    Re: 8/29 Show Discussion

    I'm thinking Amy is done after this week... not too funny for me. I thought Gerry was the funniest.

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    Re: 8/29 Show Discussion

    Wow, this show has completely lost most peoples interest, huh?

    I thought Lavelle's set was rather funny but do agree that he took too long with his bear joke and I think that might hurt him.

    Amy was horrible. The long pauses and her timing were bad. She is probably going home.

    Gerry Dee, ugh, I just don't remember much about him or what he said other than that I am sick of his teacher jokes and didn't find his making an H joke funny.

    So by default? Hickory guy wins! I don't think this comics are all that funny, funnier ones have been sent home.

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    Re: 8/29 Show Discussion

    I agree. I wanted Matt to win this thing, but there's really no one to get excited about anymore.

    I didn't find Lavelle funny at all. It must be the way he says things, rather than what he is actually saying, because if you typed his grizzley story word for word... not funny.

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    Re: 8/29 Show Discussion

    Maybe I am the only one here, but I thought Ralph was one of the BEST remaining. I thought he was great in his performance the week before and seeing him leave this show sucked for me. I'm sorry, but there is no way Hickery boy is better then Ralph. Jon boy does THE SAME THING EVERY ROUTINE, and it just gets boring. Ralph was just way better and it was an awful vote America did booting him.

    Lavell is going to win this now hands down. "what can I do for you little black boy" from the bear after coming from the scout leader was just too good.

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