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Thread: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

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    Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    Lavell Crawford
    Sherman Oaks, CA

    "I was elated and flabbergasted. And I knew that God
    had smiled on a fool today."

    - LAVELL CRAWFORD upon learning he was a finalist.

    Funnyman Lavell Crawford is quickly climbing the comedic ranks and becoming one rising comedy star to watch. From his numerous television appearances and on stage performances, audiences are becoming increasingly familiar with Lavell’s giant-sized talent.

    Lavell has appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and also was a Finalist in the Comedy Central Laugh Riots standup competition. Lavell has headlined at LAFFAPALOOZA, America’s longest-running annual urban comedy festival. “Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza” a series of half-hour laugh-out-loud comedy specials that aired on Showtime and Comedy Central, and subsequently headlined at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival. Lavell has also appeared at The HBO USCAF in Aspen, Co. and The Comedy Festival in Las Vegas.

    Endeared by audiences far and wide, Lavell has built a very strong fan base playing theatres, comedy clubs and colleges across the nation. He has appeared at such comedy clubs as The Improv, The Laugh Factory, Caroline’s on Broadway, The Stardome and The Comedy House Theatre just to name a few.

    Lavell has also made the jump to television with comedic appearances on “The Jamie Foxx Show,” “Motown Live,” “Showtime at the Apollo”, “BET’s Comic View” and “Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam,” and has appeared in the films Baby’s Mama Drama, Beverlyhood and Ghetto South Problems.

    On stage, he played Ben in the hit play Men Cry in the Dark based on the Michael Basden bestseller. Lavell also recently appeared on stage with the critically acclaimed production Friends and Lovers, a stage production based on the novel by author Eric Jerome Dickey. Crawford played the scene-stealing “Bobby.” The play also featured notable actors such as Miguel Nunez (Juwana Man), Leon (The Five Heartbeats), Monica Calhoun (The Best Man), Mel Jackson (Soul Food) and Maia Campbell (In The House). Crawford is one of the most popular up-and-coming comedians in the country.

    Lavell is currently touring nationally and recently released his own comedy CD Takin’ a Fat Break.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    Re: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    He seems like a sweet guy, but I haven't really found him too funny so far.
    He seems to take a long whole to set up jokes and I find his punchlines sometimes not worth the wait.

    I was surprised at how many times words in his set had to be beeped this week too.
    I don't recall him being beeped much before now, so it seemed odd that there was suddenly a noticable amount of language deemed beep-worthy.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Re: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    He is uncomfortable to watch. He is so incredibly fat that his posture is altered and his odd head shape is exaggerated further by his massive face and neck. He isn't particularly witty either. What is he doing in the final 3?

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    Re: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    Anyone else have a hard time understanding him sometimes? I do think he is funny, but he seems to "borrow" other jokes I've heard before.

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    Re: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    For being one of the 2 last comics standing, I find him at times humorous, but not funny. It seems in prior years I split a gut with laughter, but this year, not too much.

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    Re: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    He is tough to comprehend but funny.

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    Re: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    I saw him the other day on tv and still can't understand him. He needs to speak slower and enunciate better. What good is a funny joke if you can't understand the punchline?

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    Re: Lavell Crawford - Season 5

    He is NOT witty. Why he made the fnals and is still going is mystery to me.

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