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Thread: Letters to the Season 5 contestants...

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    Letters to the Season 5 contestants...

    Its occurred to me that after years of this board having high profile coverage of this show, that many, if not most, of the LCS contestants will stop by and take a look here.

    So I thought to myself... why not have a central place where we can write public "letters" to them, where we publicly express appreciation, and perhaps be a little funny ourselves? They can choose to respond or not--the "letters" would be more a way to express ourselves creatively.

    The great Joe DeVito (the, so far, semi-finalist with that genius line in the audition show about not wanting fame and fortune, but the power to crush people's dreams) is already around. He wrote me a nice note, and since its not particularly private in nature, and since his PM Inbox seems to ALREADY be full, I figure... why not have fun with it and respond here? So you can see it as well as him.

    To paraphrase a bit, Joe thanked me for making a nice comment about him and that particular line and confessed to being pleasantly surprised that the line came off well on TV rather than making him "sound like a tool".

    My response--which hopefully comes off as both sincere and yet also at least a bit witty. The quotes tags are just to set it off, since I am quoting nobody but myself.


    I share the desire to want the power to crush people’s dreams. I wouldn't necessarily follow through, but it would be good to get SOME people in my crosshairs.

    Ack. I just realized we've both been wishing we were Simon Cowell. Yuck! Yuck!

    Okay, maybe I'll take HIS money. But still... YUCK! Would we have to wear his nipple highlighting shirts if we were him?

    Its not necessary to actually be responding to a note from a contestant to do this--it just happened to work out in this case. In fact, it can be anyone from the show, and it doesn't have to be a reply to anything REAL, it can be an unsolicited note.

    For example, I already want to write a short note of appreciation to host Bill Belamy.

    Dear Bill,

    Thank you for being the anti-Anthony Clark.

    Your pal,
    Humor should be the key to these... otherwise they'd really belong in the more serious talk in the contestant's own topics. That isn't saying they can't also be sincere though.

    I've deliberately NOT signed the notes, since I don't think we are supposed to sign posts here outside of our pre-done signature lines. So it makes sense that even signing PART of a post would also be a no-no.
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    Re: Letters to the Season 5 contestants...

    Dear Kathleen,

    Thanks for recognizing the shag rug on Ant's head. I don't believe he thinks we noticed.

    Your fan,

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    Re: Letters to the Season 5 contestants...

    I seem to be having a problem storing and receiving messages here, hence the full box message. Trust me, I'm not that popular!

    But I am looking forward to what you all have to say about the show. I'll try to chime in as much as I can, legal confidentiality agreements not withstanding...

    ~Joe D.

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    Re: Letters to the Season 5 contestants...

    Welcome to the site, Joe. That pm box will get bigger very shortly

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    Re: Letters to the Season 5 contestants...

    Dear Debra DiGiovanni,

    Best of luck in the competition! Looking forward to your next performance.

    an instant fan

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    Re: Letters to the Season 5 contestants...

    Dear Debra DiGiovanni,

    I miss you. Saturday nights just aren't the same. I've been giving myself the peanut butter but there's no one to talk to.


    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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