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Thread: 8/09 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Pretty good 1 1/2 hours for a change. Dat was good but there were times where I couldn't understand some of his words. I couldn't tell whether his delivery was too fast or there was a sound problem. John Hefron was very good, as usual. Alonzo Boden is brilliant. His writing is very sharp and his delivery is damn well near perfect. He is a absolutely professional comic and really commands the stage. I thought that Ty's routine was vastly superior to the one he did the night before. It might not have made difference but it might have made the voting more interesting if last night's bit was done on Tuesday. Josh is terrific and his use of his disability in his routine is just flat out funny and not exploitive which it certainly could have been. His constant flashbacks to Gabriel are a riot. I'm glad that he won but would have been OK if Ty had won. The one regret about the show was the clips of the group on the Queen Mary. They were very funny and it's a shame that more of them weren't shown throughout the series. I would definitely drop Anthony Clarke. I know that the guy is on sitcom and all, but he is about as dry as dry can get. I didn't love Joy Mohr as the host. He's a bit on the smarmy side for me but he was much sharper and funnier than this guy. Maybe they can get Rich Vos next year.

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    Hmm.. I don't know what to say.

    Although I knew from the get-go that Josh was going to win, I don't agree with Josh being the funniest. But of course that's all a matter of opinion.

    As far as the other performances go, Dat Phan wasn't all that great. And I remember John Heffron having better material before, but his set was still good. Alonzo is hilarious. I love Alonzo. His set was very strong and very well done.

    Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I felt Ty's set on the finale was stronger than the set he had when it was down to the final two. *shrugs* I don't think Josh is funny. At all. But *shrugs*.

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    I agree that Ty's set was stronger in the finale episode. He should have used that instead. I thought Ty was going to win it but he reused a joke he just did the week before. I like Ty's jokes better because they are more clever. He is also the more polished of the two. But then Josh have the disadvantage of getting the sympathy votes with his disability and his parents being there despite the fact that he stretches his time so he doesn't have to run out of material. His finale set was even much shorter than any of the comedians who performed.

    Hopefully next time they get rid of the stiff Anthony Clark. I really don't find him funny and I still couldn't understand why his sitcom even lasted 2 seasons, it was unfunny and acting was bad. After the pilot episode I thought, this show wouldn't last 4 episodes. Bring back Jay Mohr, he does have a lot more personality.

    P.S. Who is trying to send me popup messages?! It wouldn't work, I have a popup blocker.

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    I am of two minds here. I understand why folks think Ty may be a better comedian, but Josh is strong enough on sheer merit that this was not a travesty. Let's put it this way; Josh is genuinely good enough that the sympathy vote made him unbeatable. He certainly got top 3 by being funny, and I think he and Ty plain outjoked Chris on the week Chris lost.

    This was a reasonable result. I don't think any of these guys are better than Alonzo or John Heffron, but they were all better than Dat Phan.

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    I enjoyed the final show. good to see the previous winners and Jay Mohr again. I even liked seeing Dat Phan who wasn't that good, just to see what he was up to. I disagree with those who said he had no new material, some of those jokes were new but it was the same old act. Heffron recycled jokes from 2 years ago, perhaps he figured nobody would remember them. I saw most of Alonzo Bodden's routine on Jay Leno recently. even our hero Josh recycled jokes tonight. Ty was good, I agree that he should have used that set in the show that counted.
    Looking forward to next years show so we can all watch it and say how awful it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmyKay View Post
    Who won the internet contest? I went and tried to vote last night and it wouldnt let me! Im rooting for Theo cuz Im a MTV reality junkie
    and my daughter (who's also a fan of theo) and i believe that's the only reason why he won this one. he was NOT as funny as the other guy, but we both agree because he's well known on MTV, he got the votes.

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