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Thread: 8/09 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Josh won. I really wanted Ty to win because in the last five or so weeks his sets were better. But, Josh winning I'm okay with, unlike previous seasons.

    Yeah, Alonzo is the only previous winner I truly love. He was so funny tonight.

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    So who won?


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    I think the thing I like most about Josh is the way he brought up things from previous episodes into his act. Like jokes about Gabriel using the Blackberry, Stella being pregnant. And tonight when he brought up the comment from the roast about Gabriel eating a Vietnamese family and then apologizing to Dat.

    I think Ty and Josh both have excellent careers ahead of them.

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    I would have been happy with either one winning tonight because they are both good. I could definitely see Ty in a sitcom and think he has a great future. It was nice to see Josh's parents in the audience. I'm sure they're very proud of him right now.

    Way to go Josh! Good luck Ty!

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    It was great to see two good perfomers and good people in the finale. I would except either of them as a winner.

    I still think Ty has more polished and clever routine than Josh though.

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    Who won the internet contest? I went and tried to vote last night and it wouldnt let me! Im rooting for Theo cuz Im a MTV reality junkie
    "Alot of people when they listen, they don't listen. They hear but they don't listen to what the person is saying. " Boston Rob (Mariano)
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    OK..Josh won and Ty was the runner up. I am cool with that because I liked them both. I felt Ty has been better the last few shows. I liked Chris as well. I really thought that Chris and Ty would go head to head.

    I thought Josh was depending on his palsy to get him through and it worked. In the beginning he was gawd awful funny but then he cooled down. I think he proved himself long ago and did not need to constantly refer to his disability.

    I think he could have just rocked on his own merit.

    TY...he will go far. probably farther by not winning. I too see him on a comedy sitcom of some sort.

    Chris....I really didn't think i would like Chris but I liked his timing and delivery.

    SO all in all I am happy with the top 4...3....2 and 1.

    Unlike previous years.

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    Thanks for filling the rest of us in. I didn't watch much of this series, but from what I saw, Josh is a decent winner. His material did, in the beginning, play on his CP, but he also proved that he is pretty quick witted, like the heckling challenge and some of the spontaneous comments he'd make both on stage and on the boat. And I guess I'd rather have someone who is truly funny win than someone who has a really good polished act.

    But still think they need to do something different to attract and keep fans next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charmqn View Post
    Josh won. I really wanted Ty to win because in the last five or so weeks his sets were better. But, Josh winning I'm okay with, unlike previous seasons.
    I had a feeling in the end the public would go with the sympathy vote and Josh would win this thing. He'll probably get some gigs out of this and if they have another season of the show he'll show up for that. Ty has enough good material that he could do a comedy special right away.

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    To Austin Gambler: Ty's already done his "ComedyCentral Presents" special. He filmed it earlier this year...and you should look for it in re-runs. Ty told me that he had a blast filming it...but he was critical of some editing decisions made by ComedyCentral in putting it together--but that's a complaint I've heard from MANY comics who have done CCPs.

    To answer AmyKay's question...Theo Von did win the internet voting--probably for the very reason you were rooting for him, because he was already a reality tv star thanks to Road Rules (and all its derivatives...)

    It was an odd thing today here in Seattle... Ty Barnett spends much of his non-comedy touring time here in Seattle (as this is where his children live) and we consider him to be a "Seattle" comic--but the local press hasn't even mentioned his success with this show...at all...not a peep, not a mention.

    This morning, I'm listening to the local news/talk radio station...and they bring up Last Comic Standing for the first time in my recollection... Is it to congratulate Ty for doing well? No...they don't mention Ty at all...not even to mention that he was the runner up...

    Instead, they congratulate Josh Blue...who, it seems, had gone to Evergreen State College...and that Josh thanked the college for having "worked with him" when he was there...

    Where's the smiley for me shrugging my shoulders and saying, in a bad Old Jewish Man accent "Eccch, vhat can you do, eh?"


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