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Thread: 7/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvclayseyes View Post
    I thought Michele was fairly funny, Josh pretty good, Ty fine,
    but Chris had me cracking up!
    I thought he was the best by far.
    The Costco Coffin jokes were just hilarious!
    I agree. The cosket had me laughing. That whole part of his set was really good.

    For me, Ty and Chris were the funniest tonight. Though, Josh was also really good, too. It's a tough call, who will win from here, but I have a feeling Michele won't last too much longer.

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    I thought Ty was really funny tonight. The Costco coffin jokes were funny too. I also like Michele's airplane jokes.

    I'm starting to realize why the format of this show was changed and why it's been cut down so much. These comics really aren't that funny when you hear them week after week. The first couple of weeks, they are funny -- then as time goes on, they get less and less funny.

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    The viewers made the right choice voting off Roz the Shouter. surely Michelle will be out next. she's not bad, I just don't see her passing any of the other 3 finalists at this point. Her set was ok, tho the boyfriend joke may have cost her some support.
    Josh was ok too, I was a little disappointed. going into the finals I thought Josh was the best so I've been expecting superb peformances from him. Ty was good for the 2nd straight week. makes me wonder why the producers never paid much attention to him before the finals. Chris was funny, much better than last week. the best performance of the night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie727 View Post
    I'm starting to realize why the format of this show was changed and why it's been cut down so much. These comics really aren't that funny when you hear them week after week. The first couple of weeks, they are funny -- then as time goes on, they get less and less funny.
    ...see, and that's why I question how they've changed the format for this season to be more like the doomed 3rd season...with less "house" material and more straight stand-up. If you give talented stand-ups random situations to react to--you can get some excellent off-the-cuff material...but most stand-ups have an act...an act they do every night and they've trained themselves to deliver that act as perfectly as possible each night. That works when the audience changes each night--but if its the same people watching the same performers for every show...there's no surprise, there's not going to be that freshness that stand-up comedy depends on... You, as the audience, are going to get jaded...especially as performers are relying on an ever emptying amount of top quality material.

    And, again, I have to say that despite the short amount of time given to getting to know these performers in the early part of this season, I'd have to guess that most viewers have made their decisions about who they "like" and who they don't...and I doubt that those people are changing their mind based on how their favorites have done. Certainly, if there are people who are actively and critically listening to each act and making their decisions on an open minded week-to-week basis...they are few and far between.

    ...which is probably why they didn't mention the actual voting percentages tonight.

    In the end, will it matter who had a good set or not...as far as how America votes? Will the people who voted for Roz now bolster Michelle's numbers as she's the last woman in the competition? Will Ty have come across as "mean" to potential voters in Utah...or those who aren't skinny?

    Because the ultimate damnation of LCS is that it really doesn't help us pick out who is the funniest.

    Quote Originally Posted by pace
    Ty was good for the 2nd straight week. makes me wonder why the producers never paid much attention to him before the finals.
    Ty wasn't involved with any drama on the boat...he didn't argue with Stella, he didn't sneak away to contact people contrary to the rules of the show...and the total amount of air time given to the time they were on the boat was much smaller this season than any previous season.

    I know Ty Barnett...I've worked with him. He's very funny. I'm not surprised that he's delivering excellent stand-up on national television...not surprised at all. I liked his set tonight...

    I thought Chris was strangely low-energy to start off with...but he had a solid set...although it was fairly clear that the theatre's audience wasn't quite with him on the Costco material...

    I thought Josh's set this week was stronger than his set last week--much more focused...(although dipping into the "you've seen the show, so you'll laugh at a reference about it" well a second time wasn't quite as strong as I think he thought it would be...)

    I thought Michelle's set was the weakest of the night--for the second week in a row. She's obviously a professional at this...but, compared to the other performers, her topic selections are a bit tired...her observations not the freshest...and her pacing was herky jerky. I can hardly blame her--this is the fourth time she's had to perform for her life since she made the boat...

    So, even if I'm trying to be as objective as I can be...it looks like I'd vote for someone I know and like...and it looks like I'd want the person I really haven't been a big fan of since the beginning of the show to be eliminated.

    ...proving my own point, I guess.


    PS--Did anyone else think that when they showed "highlights" from each comedian's set, they really didn't pick particular "highlight" moments?

    PPS--My girlfriend was watching this with me tonight...she saw Gary come on stage and said "I actually hope he's going to talk about Oreo's...because that seems much funnier, just in remembering it, than anything I've seen from this season's cast." When Gary DIDN'T do Oreo material, she said "...and Oreo's would have been funnier than what Gary ended up doing tonight..."

    PPPS--I could actually tell that Gary's been on tour with Dane Cook--just how he presented certain jokes...the wording and the timing that he used...has changed, based on who he's been around. (I'm not saying that's a bad thing...just an odd thing that I noticed...)

    PPPPS--For everyone who complains about the secret connections lurking in LCS production...remember that the executive producer of this show, Barry Katz, is also Gary Gulman's agent...just in case anyone wondered why, instead of getting the results from last week in the first five minutes like we were promised, we got Gary...

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    We could have seen static for the first 5 minutes and that would have been better then Gary. Which is kind of depressing as I liked him when he was on the show, but I didn't think he was funny last night.

    Frankly I liked them all last night. I thought Ty was the best. But Chris had me with the Costco coffins. I liked Josh's soccer routine and the disabled list comment. I thought Michelle's boyfriend joke was pretty funny too.

    I would have liked more interactions other then on stage, just something else to watch. But oh well, I watched this instead of watching Sex in the City reruns so I guess they are doing something vaguely right.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    I don't know...I wanted to be blown away. Maybe it was my mood, but I was really disappointed yet again. I thought Michelle was not herself, but grasping for jokes. I enjoyed Ty, but not enough to write home about. Josh wasn't my cup of tea, although he improved on last week's performance. Chris uses a "creepy" voice sometimes so I wasn't into it, although if Costco really has its coffins next to the alcohol and tobacco products, that's funny. (And I'm assuming that Costco really does sell coffins.)

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    I liked Gary and thought he was better than the contestants. He seemed a little off but I saw through it to enjoy him.

    Chris is my choice of who remains.

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    This week may be more about fanbase than the actual material. There was something funny in every set. Do we have any quant jocks posting who care to take a stab at what the voter demographics might look like?

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    Ty was the best by far. I don't know if he'll win because with fans voting sentimental favorites go farther than professionals sometimes. Ty will probably be offered a comedy special off of his performance on this show. HBO should be knocking on his door right now.

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    I loved Michelle and Ty last night, and was surprised that I was bored by Josh and Chris... I thought Michelle might have been too much of a Joan Rivers last night though (I hadn't noticed this as much earlier in the show). Her voice, pacing and type of joke...

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