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Thread: Spoilers....future challenge info here....

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    Spoilers....future challenge info here....

    I listen to the Adam Carolla Show. It's a morning radio show off of the west coast and the LCS finalists were on the show last April as part of a challenge.

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    I will now discuss and review what happened so if you don't want to read it you are warned now:

    SPOILERS BELOW......................... ....................

    First off, I love the Adam Carolla show so when the LCS finalists were on, it was a nice bonus. For those of you who don't know, Adam Carolla was one of the hosts/creators of the Man Show. I wasn't a big fan of his TV work, but he also hosted Loveline the radio show and I loved it. His radio work is some of the best there is. He is a great comedic talent and his improv skills are second to none. Soon as I heard they were on with Adam I knew this would be a great episode.

    The finalists, of which there were only 10, were given a random magazine and then had to come up with a minute of new comedy and do it on the radio and then Adam would choose which one was the funniest and they would get immunity.

    They didn't say the comics names, and I couldn't tell who all the comics were based on their voices even after seeing the new episodes, but I did recognize a few of them. The palsy guy went up first and he bombed, though his magazine's name was funny and his bombing was also funny. Iglesias was next and he basically just did a bunch of voices and was forgetable, I'm not a fan of funny voices. Bill Dwyer was pretty good and unusually chipper for 6:00am. They were the only ones I recognized.

    Finally it got down to a 3 way tie one of them being Dwyer and two women. So Adam decided to make the finalists play some "ass-kiss-rodeo" with him to see which was the best. Ass-kiss-rode is a game played on the show where people try to kiss Adam's ass and do it in a funny way. It's a good showcase for improv talent. I don't know the name of the one who won, but it was a woman.

    Overall, one of the best hours of radio I've heard and it will be a good comparison to listen to the whole hour uncut and then watch the show and see how it's edited and finally see just how they portray it.

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