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Thread: Ross Mark and Bob Read - Talent Scouts

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    Ross Mark and Bob Read - Talent Scouts

    Ross Mark and Bob Read have been the Talent Executives for NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for the past four and half years. They are responsible for booking the comedians that appear on the show every night. Bob and Ross were founders and creators of the HBO Workspace in Hollywood.

    Bob and Ross were most recently, consultants for the first two seasons on Bravo's hit series Celebrity Poker. Bob and Ross were the on-air talent scouts for NBC's hit reality show Last Comic Standing during its first two seasons. This summer they will be returning to the show for its 4th season.

    In addition to their work as talent executives, Bob and Ross have produced numerous comedy specials and documentaries, including the Cable Ace Award winner Drop Dead Gorgeous: The Power of HIV-Positive Thinking.

    Bob and Ross are also involved in the charity The Children's Circle, which provides the highest possible quality of life for HIV/AIDS infected, affected and at risk children, youth and families. The charity also provides residential services to all medically fragile foster children, as well as case management and psychosocial support services for families in the community impacted by chronic and life-threatening diseases.

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    Great Guys

    THESE GUYS ARE GREAT! They pick all the funny people that we watch every week! They have to sit through the best of the worst for the next 10 weeks! Give these guys a raise!

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    I would not want to be judged by these guys.....they appear to only like "mainstream" people......people you would see on the Tonight Show.

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    From that article, it sounds like they're both gay, no?
    There were a couple of performers I thought Ross (the bigger guy) unfairly eliminated. One was a woman who was doing a whole skit about how she was confused about balancing all her different roles - as a mother, as a comic, getting in shape, when to put out, etc. I thought she was on a roll but Ross cut her off too soon. Seemed he was having a bad day and her rapid fire delivery was giving him a headache. That was not cool, Ross.

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    Ross looks SO much like Jimmy Kimmel, it's distracting to me! It's really uncanny.

    "nervousing", that woman who was rattling off all of her "trials and tribulations" wasn't really making a joke..she was just rattling off stuff. Maybe if she had a better deliverance it could have been better. But, IMO.. she was giving me a headache too.
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    I agree Nervousing -- I liked that gal with her rapid fire talk about all she had to juggle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leviathan View Post
    I would not want to be judged by these guys.....they appear to only like "mainstream" people......people you would see on the Tonight Show.
    I dunno. I pretty much agreed with their decisions at the city level (who got the callbacks, and the few that were picked from each city).

    I found their working relationship pretty funny. The one guy seems harsh, critical, the stick in the mud... and then he'll just let out these scathing one liners that were actually quite funny.

    The other guy plays "good cop," seems a bit more open to giving people a shot, and seems to see more of their potential rather than looking at their literal performance. He balances out the other guy nicely.

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