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Thread: ***SPOILER*** possibly the winner...

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    ***SPOILER*** possibly the winner...

    I read this on another website... I don't know if it is true or a rumor.
    But according to the un-named website, Jay Morh announced that the winner
    ****************************** *******************


    ****************************** *******************

    Again, I read this and I don't know how true it is.

    I am still P-Oed that there is no finale!! NBC SUCKS!

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    FORT Fogey sugarlady's Avatar
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    I hope he is the winner. I stated in my email that I voted for him and wanted to see the outcome because I thought he should have won during the summer.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Jan 2003
    Why on earth are we being so cryptic? Alonzo won.
    He took the money. Good for all of you who voted for him. Personally I would love to see the break down. I thought Dave was far superior. Paris Hilton and Bush? How trite.

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    Okay, now I'm confused because I just read on another site (I'm trying to find the link) that it was announced on the Bob and Tom radio show that John Heffron had won. Truthfully, I think Dave Mordal deserved to win. I just want to SEE the finale, not just hear about it. Thanks a lot, NBC.

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    Alanzo Won

    Jay Mohr was on our local news show on Friday and he told everyone who won. Afterwards, he said "I think I might be in trouble with NBC". He said he told who won because he is mad that they cancelled his show with only one more episode to go. Now NBC is talking about running the finale during Nov sweeps and Jay is afraid they are going to sue him. It was also on the entertainment shows Friday night but they bleeped out the name of the winner. It was on Celebrity Justice.

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    I'm glad Alonzo won. I was pulling for either Alonzo or Rich Vos. Alonzo's been my favorite since LCS2, but I think Rich tore it up Tuesday (the Jew joke and the wife-beating joke were insanely hilarious).

    I could see how people find Dave funny, even though I don't care for him, but I just don't get John Heffron. His humor is so childish and corny.

    Glad he lost...

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    What is reality? OldSchoolBabe's Avatar
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    Yea Alonzo! It sucks that he didn't get his just due by having the finale shown, though, on NBC, tonight, as it should have been.
    Sing & dance the night away!

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    I'd really love to see the % breakdown of the votes.

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    Premium Member dagwood's Avatar
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    I am glad he won. He was my favorite Season 2 comic. Heck, he was my favorite out of all the comics.
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolBabe
    Yea Alonzo! It sucks that he didn't get his just due by having the finale shown, though, on NBC, tonight, as it should have been.

    I agree 100 percent! Regardless of who won or lost, the winner deserved a night. On NBC.

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