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Thread: An open letter from K. P. Anderson

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    An open letter from K. P. Anderson

    I received this today via e-mail, and figured I'd share it with everyone...

    To the fans of Last Comic Standing-

    In light of recent events, I want to take a moment to send a message to
    our fans, friends and comics. This comes from me personally without
    prior discussion with anyone else associated with our show.

    Unfortunately, with regard to the cancellation of our reveal episode,
    what's done is done and there is not much point in over-analyzing it.
    I am very hopeful LCS will return next summer in our original format
    with the nationwide talent search, the house, the immunity challenges
    and the head-to-head challenges intact. There is no guarantee of that,
    but hopefully our success over the first two seasons will outweigh the
    relative struggles of this past fall.

    In the meantime, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity extended
    to me professionally by NBC, our entire production staff and our
    Executive Producers, Jane Lipsitz, Dan Cutforth, Peter Engel, Barry
    Katz and most of all, Jay Mohr. I have enjoyed a fifteen year career
    in entertainment starting as a stand-up comic in Minneapolis and
    without a doubt, every time I walk away from LCS for a hiatus or
    otherwise it is the most difficult of all the shows on which I've
    worked to leave.

    To the comics who have participated on the show, I would also like to
    express my personal gratitude and respect as well as my apologies for
    the confusing manner in which the story of Season Three is concluding.
    In the making of our show, we sometimes put them through no small
    amount of hell and they keep showing up with strong material, great
    performances and the personal work ethic and dedication to their craft
    that makes one glad to play a part in the furthering of their careers.
    When you see one of them will be appearing in your town, please take
    the time to go out and support them. You won't be disappointed.

    And finally to the fans, I know I speak for everyone when I say thank
    you for your support of the show. On all the websites and in your
    e-mails, we have loved your comments, your criticism and your undying
    interest. Even when you blast us, it gives us all great pleasure to
    know there are people who care so much about the product we put forth.
    Comedy is subjective and as we have read, our tastes don't always mesh
    with yours. It has been our sincere attempt to give you something to
    watch that is worth watching, worth talking about, worth arguing about
    and more than anything worth laughing at. You're response tells us
    that we've succeeded more than we've failed and with a little luck,
    hopefully we'll be back at it soon.


    K.P. Anderson
    Writer/ Supervising Producer
    Last Comic Standing

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    You No Funny...

    Mr K.P. Anderson....You No funny...You no funny like Dat Phan's mother no funny...

    LCS3 was hot for less time than Insult Dog's Poo...

    This show was not even faster than Mordal's car...

    Rich Vos is really disappointed because he had chosen an outfit and had it all ironed...

    John Heffron had pre-ordered 3 Starbucks Grande Mocha Latte's and an eight-ball in preparation for the Finale...

    Alonzo toured trailer parks turning right to avoid trouble while looking for new material...

    Jay Mohr will now have to find another way to get people to like him...

    But thanks, we enjoyed the shows...and while LCS3 had some problems...I enjoyed the extra stand-up in the shows...but part of the magic of the first two seasons was seeing new comedians and cheering and jeering them on...for season 3 most of us had already decided where we stood with these groups...

    Keith S. :{)>

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    Zowie, how condesending, trite and one big, fat big, fat lie. This show will never see the light of day again.

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    Thanks for sharing that, John.

    Well, K.P. Anderson, you don't have to worry about us over-analyzing it. I'm sure NBC would go broke if they had to trouble themselves with airing a finale episode for all the fans who have been supporting this series, not to mention the comics who are trying to launch careers like the apparently lucrative one you have enjoyed thus far.

    to NBC and :phhht to K.P. Anderson. Your attempt to spin this was pathetic and patronizing.
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    Ok I'll bite what happened ????

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpartyRules
    Ok I'll bite what happened ????

    No Final episode?
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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