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Thread: No Final episode?

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    No Final episode?

    The MBC website says that the winner will be announced during a Father of the Pride marathon next week. I assume this means we just saw the last episode??? Does anyone know more about this? Were the ratings so bad that they had to cut the season by three episodes?

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    twisty goo
    Go to jaymohr.com and read about it. He says NBC cancelled the final show because ratings were bad for season 3. Pretty ridiculous, if you ask me.

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    WTF?!?!?! Are you serious? What a crappy thing to do to the fans (and the comics, for that matter).

    to NBC. I hereby apologize to Ralphie May for criticizing his comments about NBC and the show. This completely sucks.

    ETA: Oh, yeah, and if this is some kind of stupid ploy to get LCS viewers to watch their prime-time cartoon, they can kiss you-know-what. I'll wait till the winner is posted here. :phhht
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    Is this a joke? I'm sorry, I have to ask that because it's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen! I just went to jaymohr.com, and all I can think is that it can't be true!

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    EDIT: Actually after thinking about it, them cancelling the last show is very disrespectful to those following the show. So I don't like them doing it and will send NBC an email telling them the same.

    Last Comic Standing is great when you can see them interacting with each other in the house. LCS1 Did an excellent job of that, LCS2 not as good and LCS3 is horrible completely with no Interaction.

    I have enjoyed reading the comments here sooo much more than watching LCS3.
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    But there is one show left, just one - and these comics worked really hard to get there - and I've watched the whole 3rd season every week and voted, I think NBC owes it's viewers and those comics the last show.

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    FROM JAY...
    Last Comic Standing is cancelled!!! This is shocking news to me too. I woke up on Wednesday morning and recieved the news. NBC was not happy with the rating of the show and decided to pull the plug. Keep in mind there is only one episode left and on that episode we were going to ANNOUNCE THE WINNER! Amazing.

    Why would a network cancel a show with only one episode left? There is some back history that makes this more ridiculous. As Last Comic Standing 2 was wrapping up this summer, the network told us that they wanted a "hybrid version" of Last Comic to put on the fall schedule. They said that they simply didn't have enough shows for the fall slate and needed a quick fix.

    My partner Peter Engel as well as other producers like Barry Katz, Cori Fry, K.P. Anderson and my self thought that this was a bad idea. We argued that having a seperate version of Last Comic so soon after season 2 concluded would burn the audience out and damage the franchise. Well the network insisted we move forward and we came up with "LCS Battle of thge Best". Season 1 versus season 2 for a prize of 250 thosand bucks. (It seems like Fox hands out a million dollar prizes on its reality shows like its lunch).

    Last Comic Standing The Battle Of The Best hit the airwaves in the fall and guess what? The ratings were down. The ratings stayed pretty consistent all season with around eight million viewers but that didn't stop NBC from hitting the panic button. The biggest question I have is why would you wait until the final episode to pull the plug.

    I feel terrible for the comics. We had a great final four with Alonzo Bodden, Rich Vos, Dave Mordal (my favorite) and John Heffron. These four comics are not involved with network bussines or standards and practices but it is they who will suffer the most from this terrible decision by The Nation Broadcasting Company.

    I have to stop typing now because I have to go TiVo Father Of The Pride.


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    That is absolutely ridiculous of NBC to pull LCS3 with THE final episode remaining! It makes no sense at all. Shame on them! :phhht

    I feel awful for the final four.

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    I just checked nbc.com, and it looks like it's true. Unbelievable! I can't believe NBC is pulling this with only one episode left. :nono

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllenMishke
    I just checked nbc.com, and it looks like it's true. Unbelievable! I can't believe NBC is pulling this with only one episode left. :nono

    I went there earlier and didn't see it - did they give a generic reason for cancelling?

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