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Thread: No Final episode?

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    I, too, am outraged over the shabby treatment NBC is handing out to the millions of viewers and the comedians - it is, indeed, a slap in the face. I just came here from their website and the post that says that they are airing a half-hour is baloney! It still says to watch Father of the Pride to find out and Jay's website says it is cancelled for lack of viewers and MAY air on Comedy Central - and I, for one, do not have cable!

    I wrote NBC and will, again, as I am also disgusted by their (accurately shown in this thread) response which seems so concerned they not be sued for viewers' creative suggestions that they discourage everyone from writing! How do they think they can survive, without "Friends, Frasier, Seinfeld, Mad About You" when they treat us like this?!!!

    I, too, recommend that everyone here still bombard them with emails - I am going back to give it a second shot and see if there is an NBC email that can go to management and not just "TLCS" email which looks more like they just don't care and will delete them! I am fuming over this, and hope that if enough of us write, they'll suddenly decide to air it, even a week late.

    This is the worst piece of public relations by NBC yet! Bah!

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    I gotta hand it to Mohr - he's got balls! NBC is screwing his show and in the same motion, trying to gain viewers for FotP. I hope his outing of the winner foils their evil plan. And I especially hope he's not bound by the same non-disclosure contract that the contestants are. You go Jay!

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    Well darn it anyway. I'm essentially s*rewed! I don't get Comedy Central on my extended cable package (wish I did!) so I won't be watching the finale. And I'm in the USA. Instead we have 3 extra QVC type TV shopping shows. Go Figure! I've never heard of a more stupid move by a network yet that matches this fiasco. NBC's producers need to be added to this weeks RTV news Hall of Shame. Hopefully, we'll get a review here by someone who does get Comedy Central. I know I'm not alone in not getting it on extended cable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baembrey

    I , for one, will never watch any competetion show on NBC. I am going to try to stay away from watching any NBC.

    We really should bombard NBC with ALOT of angry email!
    Um, apparently they did get *ALOT* of angry email. But don't you think staying away from any NBC might be a bit drastic? After all, it is just a tv show.

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    'Last Comic' Finale Lands at Comedy Central
    (Tuesday, October 12 09:58 AM)

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) The final episode of "Last Comic Standing" will make it to the airwaves after all.

    Comedy Central, which has been airing same-week repeats of the show since the summer, has picked up the final episode of the show, which NBC dropped last week in favor of a three-episode "Father of the Pride" marathon. The finale is scheduled to air at 8 p.m. ET Saturday (Oct. 16).

    The cable network's pickup of the show puts an end to several days of speculation over what the fate of the finale would be. Although "Last Comic" was not performing well in the ratings -- averaging only about 6 million viewers per week -- a number of TV critics, and host/executive producer Jay Mohr, wondered why NBC would pull the show with only one episode left.

    Last week, NBC announced that it would reveal the "Last Comic" winner during the "Father of the Pride" airings Tuesday (Oct. 12). As of Tuesday morning, the show's page on NBC.com still said that would happen.

    NBC moved "Last Comic Standing" into its fall lineup after summer airings of the second season pulled reasonably strong ratings. The third go-round pitted the finalists from season one against those from season two for a $250,000 prize.

    The finale will reveal which of the final four -- season one's Rich Vos and Dave Mordal and season two's John Heffron and Alonzo Bodden -- wins the pot.


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    [navy=color]ya i thought it was weird that they didn't show the last episode! i was a loyal watcher regardless..is there not going to be any more Last Comic Standing at all? not even the house ones? if that happens, i'm gonna feel majorally bummed! it was my favourite show![/color]

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    It was a rip off to all the loyal fans, to not air the last episode. LCS3 really was a train wreck, but that didn't mean I wasn't going to see it thru until the end. I don't know who in their infinite ignorance decided, hey let's just leave millions of fans hanging, they won't notice. Hmm I noticed. Thankfully, I was able to watch the last episode eventually on cable. But I'm glad that someone at NBC realized they have winner, and brought this show back. I hope they don't cancel LCS4 before the end this time around again.
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