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Thread: 10/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    Dave was okay, once again nothing special. Hopfully Alonzo delivers.

    I think Dave almost crossed the line tonight though.
    You think Dave almost crossed the line but Vos's joke about
    the kid's dad smacking around his mom didn't???

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    FORT Fogey famita's Avatar
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    I loved this season! I enjoyed seeing jokes. Not that I have anything against the mansion scene and garden gnomes, but I never saw what that had to do with being the funniest comic. Sure, it was interesting, and sometimes funny, but I wanted the jokes. For this night, I thought Alonzo absolutely killed. He had great stage presence and up to the minute material. I also thought Dave killed. He was funny and although' I didn't like all his jokes, he was up there. I liked Rich and John, but they didn't make my mind zing. They were just OK, in my opinion. (And in an aside to NBC, you now have about 20-25 different comics to choose from for your next comedy shows. Use them. They are funny. Maybe don't use the writer who wrote material for Jay Mohr....not so funny, outdated, and boring)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    I agree, except I am more biased towards Dave, and I hope Dave wins, but either one of them winning would make me happy I am so glad the final four were Dave, Alonzo, John and Vos, anything else would have been simply wrong.
    -- To every word!

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    Wow-- I cannot beleive how badly Heffron bombed! That was quite a shock. Dave was, to me, head and shoulders above the others, and I'm not just saying that because he's always been my favorite. Based solely on last night's performances, he theoretically should have this in the bag. He got all of my votes! Go Dave!

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    I missed last night due to my son's hockey practice. (but still got our votes in for Dave, as he truly deserves to win it all)

    Thank God my 10year old son is a technical genius and figured out how to record last nite's show on our DVR. Can't wait to watch it after work today.

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    I thought Dave was hillarious last night. Maybe it's the midwestern mentality,but he was cracking me up. I gave him my vote because "to me" he was the funniest. The most comfortable on-stage was definitely Alonzo. Rich would be hysterical in a club somewhere with a drink in one hand and cigarette in the other just ranting. I'm on the fence about John Heffron. He was out of his element last night. None of his jokes seemed finished and they sure didn't segue at all.

    As far as being PC, I thought they were all fine. Then again I find jokes that cross the PC boundaries to be extremely hillarious. They are jokes and I laughed hard.

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    for Dave. Great performance last night. I was laughing out loud throughout the whole thing. Very funny.

    Next would be Alonzo - good stuff, didn't laugh as much as with Dave's but still had a few outbursts.

    Rich and John - What happened guys? Their performances did nothing for me last night. Barely a chuckle.

    IMO Dave deserves to win BUT it will probably go to someone from Season 2 - Alonzo.

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    There is no way after that turd Heffron floated up that he will win.

    I am not a Dave fanboy like most are, but I do think he had the funniest set. I laughed at his set more than anyone elses and thats my guage.

    Vos looked uncomfortable. He will get the least ammount of votes in my opinion.

    I thought Dave was the best but I think Alonzo did good enough to win, since most have a Season 2 biase.

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    Yeah, those audience members yelling "Season 2" still bothers me. Like Season 1, only the cream--the very top--of the group of the performers was worth getting excited about. And the top 4 from each group were all roughly equivalent. So what's with the idiotic chanting? I mean it can't have been for the OTHER things which went on in S2 besides the standup--the rest of the show was lame.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    This was the first episode of this Battle of the Comics format has aired that I've watched. I watched Season 1 and 2 so I know the contestants. I loved Vos' and Dave's chemistry in the house and I thought Alonzo and John were very good and deserve to be in the final four.

    But, Based Only on last nites performance. I gotta say, Dave Was the ONLY funny one up there. I laughed during his set and barely cracked a smile for the other three, which was disappointing because I was hoping to be entertained.!!

    OK. Just my opinion.

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