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Thread: How can next week be the finals?

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    How can next week be the finals?

    At the end of the show they mentioned that next week we'd "crown" the winner. How could that be?

    We have to find out who wins last weeks roast and then those 4 need to compete against each other. I could see that maybe they told them right away who won and had time to prepare for this week... but then there still has to be another show to announce the winner.

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    Yeah I noticed that as well. My Tivo however as atleast 2 more weeks scheduled for channler 4 episodes. I cycled through saw one for this coming up Tuesday and the next Tuesday. Weird

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    Tomorrow is the beginning of the finals. The winner will be crowned on the October 12th episode.

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    Announcing the Winner next week..

    I just checked the NBC LCS3 website, and it says that the winner will be announced during the Father of the Pride marathon. Does that mean there will be no more stand up, just announcement of the winner during commercial breaks? Has anyone heard what the deal is with that?

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    After all the time and energy and loyalty we've put into this - we deserve a full hour of watching Jay Mohr toss money at Dave. And so does Dave.

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