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Thread: 9/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Mrs. Pusser
    Okay I know I'm in the minority here.....and I'm actually surprised to see myself write this but........

    I thought Todd Glass was hysterical tonight! I was literally crying when he did the string of insults. You see for me roasts generally stink. They are just the same lame insults over and over. I loved the fact that Todd did something different! He decided to just do the insults, and for some reason that struck me as the funniest moment of this season. I was actually crying and had to get a tissue. So I gave him my 3 votes on principal.

    Side note! Hooray for Dave. I was so sure he was not going to win, but now we get to see him perform again! Now I hope they get more time to do the comedy so he can use some more of his things that take more set up time.

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    Had someone told me last week that Todd Glass would have made me laugh so hard to put tears in my eyes, I would have spit in their face. That was the funniest thing I've ever seen him do.

    Hell, I thought everyone was funny tonight, and I'm not even drinking (much). Tess was surprisingly great, loved it when she handed the little step stool to Jay. I'm a little surprised that joke about going *up* on her made it past the censors but WTH, my kids were in bed asleep.

    A big wooooo-hoooooo to Dave Mordal for going final four!! Ideally, Alonzo will join him & John...I don't know who I wanna see from Season 1 to be the fourth - Tess or Rich? Tess was funnier tonight but overall I think I prefer Rich....who here voted?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bkm1966
    This is interesting to me because these are my two favorite comics from both seasons, hands down. I adore them both!

    My second favorites are Alonzo and Vos so I am VERY hopeful that I will have my top 4 as the final 4. Now if we could just get the show to let them do some longer sets I'll be very happy.

    Just wanted to agree with you totally on those four as my choices as well.
    Dave was my season one favorite and John my season 2 choice.
    My choice between the 2 is Dave.


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    Tess is the Best!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bellenote
    Alonzo walks away with it! He was so sweet and so funny. Wish he won last season as he deserved.

    Tess outdid herself. I think she takes it for the Season II team. Very funny. Geoff definitely walks. I wonder how Rich V. will do - he may be competition.
    I hope the Gary G. fans and Todd (ugh - horrendous) fans don't take it from Alonzo.

    He's my winner! Go Alonzo!

    Triumph's line for Jay L. was cute. Hope Jay stays.

    I'm with you TESS KILLED! she was the funniest from Season One!

    Go TESS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaycee
    Not bad by Rich, but not enough material about Jay. Tess was the best from season 1.
    Diddo! Rich hardly did anything on the actual person they were roasting! and he wasn't having a good response from the audience that's why he started getting angry!

    TESS was great! way to go! good luck!

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    I'm not surprised at all about John staying in, but I wanted Ralphie instead of Dave from season 1. I say Tess and Todd did the best today.

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    I voted for Vos. I think he and Dave will put up some good sets, and I count on Dave to win that one.

    I'd like to see Heffron go up against Gary, the girls like him (kinda) - but he couldn't win. I'm not sure I'd like to see him against Alonzo. Alonzo is good, he's already set for a good career.

    Dave deserves it - and he'll get it.

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    What a thread, I'm not sure I was watching the same show as the rest of you.

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    I'm not really a fan of roasts because the comics can be really mean, but I did enjoy tonight's show.
    Triumph was on a roll.
    The emcee (whatever his name was) had me laughing so hard when he said something along the lines "if Rich's wwas any more rat-faced, Triumph would be eating it".

    My opinions:
    Geoff - poor guy, but he totally sucked. I don't think he understood the concept of a roasting. Nice try, though.

    Alonzo was by far the best. His material was organized and funny. He roasted some of the other contestants, and moved down to Jay. Nice job, Alonzo. I was laughing so hard when he joked that he got moist looking at Gary. Also, the bit about Jay trying to sound black was like a cat barking.

    Tess started pretty good, but then she got a little weird with wanting to sleep with a white chick, and getting all those props out. The step stool was funny, though.

    Gary had a great start. The bit about making Rich's teeth feel at home was down-right hysterical. Also his joke about Jay's receding hairline getting voted off made me laugh. The thing about Gary is that he focused more on the other comics instead of the main roastee, Jay.

    Todd could've been a little better if he hadn't been laughing while singing that song. I couldn't understand him. Still, he wouldn't be at the same level as the other 4 comics. He already has the energy and sillyness, but he's lacking in the material dept. Keep working on it, Todd.

    Rich is one of my favorite comics. I love his grumpy act.
    Some of his lines that had me laughing so hard: "people tell me I look like Gary from the ankles down." "Ralphie is getting his kitchen stapled." When he told that mixed couple in the crowd that when you get car jacked you are supposed to leave the guy there. To Jay: "didn't you fall from the wall?" Rich would've given Alonzo a run for his money if he hadn't forgotten that he needed to make jokes about Jay, the roastee.

    The funniest line , to me, of the show was when Jay joked about Tess having to wear white gloves when eating tootsie rolls just so she wouldn't accidentally chew on her fingers.

    I voted for Alonzo, Rich, and Gary.

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    Wolf, you know it was Triumph making that "eating rat-faced Vos" joke about Dat, right? I don't think the emcee had anything to do with that joke.

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