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Thread: 9/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Between Dave and Heffron, it really comes down to your taste in style, I think, even moreso than with any other pair of comics. Dave is so laid back, that people who like high energy tend to not even fully hear his material. Heffron is such a spaz that (although I find him very funny) I find myself annoyed that I have to pick out punch lines from the frenzy.

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    Hm. I haven't been watching this season at all (too much other stuff on) so tonight's my first tune in since the first show. I thought it was hilarious. Well, besides Geoff. And the guy who looks like a wrinkle dog--what's his name who sang. He sucked. Tess was hilarious off the top and then she started "gettin' all sexy" and that just scared me.
    But the rest were funny.
    Except for Gary. It didn't work for me. If he cut himself down more, (like Vos), I think it would work better... otherwise, it's just the tall, good-looking guy cutting down the fat, ugly, black or asian kids. Oh yeah, and cutting up mentally handicapped kids... you know, like that one who sang?
    Other than that, it was hilarious.
    Go VOS!

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    C'mon, I've had Mordal v. Heffron pegged since early on. The tortoise and the hare? I think that's how it goes.

    Good point, Jennifer, Heffron might be a bit too energetic, but that probably comes down to the voting audience.

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    Sorry, Gary, over the line - and not in a good way.

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    Alonzo - by far the best tonight!
    Tess - very funny
    Vos - funny
    Gary - not as funny as usual--a little too mean spirited in my opinion
    Todd--he's a strange guy, but he did have a few funny lines
    Geoff - I never find him funny.

    I hope Alonzo takes it all!!!

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    Very happy here in MN that Dave moves on. He really does deserve to make it to the finals this time.

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    Hey, did anyone catch what Ralphie whispered to John Heffron at the end. He went over to congratulate him and said something. All I heard was Please...... then another please. Anyone catch it?

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    My breakdown:

    Geoff: Better than I thought he would be, but not compared with the others
    Alonzo: I liked Alonzo's routine, but his first roast was a lot better. His delivery seemed off.
    Tess: Surprised me and I really enjoyed her tonight. She nailed it AND had props...LOL. But, I'm not sure her overall humor would propel her into the top 4.
    Gary: Wasn't he supposed to roast Jay, not Ralphie? He got like two digs in at Jay. I was not impressed.
    Rich: I loved Rich's interaction with the audience and his routine.
    Todd: If you like avante garde routines, Todd is the man for you. I found it cute, but not hilarious.

    I saw a friend online who went to the taping. Apparently, Ralphie was set off by Jeff (the emcee) making a joke about Ralphie's father. It probably wasn't intentional, but geez, his dad just died. Ralphie walked off and it took a while to get him back so they could finish. The whole taping took three hours. Apparently Kathleen was doing her Ralphie impression and Ralphie still was ticked off and railed at her. My friend was the one we heard screaming when Kathleen was eliminated.

    My picks:

    Season 1: Rich (with Tess a close 2nd)
    Season 2: Alonzo...hands down

    Overall: Season 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by JenniferTVchick
    Between Dave and Heffron, it really comes down to your taste in style, I think, even moreso than with any other pair of comics. .
    This is interesting to me because these are my two favorite comics from both seasons, hands down. I adore them both!

    My second favorites are Alonzo and Vos so I am VERY hopeful that I will have my top 4 as the final 4. Now if we could just get the show to let them do some longer sets I'll be very happy.

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    Of the six tonight, I was really impressed by Tess. It seems she works better spontaneously than with her regular material.

    Everybody in the business knows all you have to do is look at him and you can psych out Vos. Nonetheless, he was funny and self-depricating without being schtick like London. With those two on top, this is the only face-off Team One really won.

    Alonzo seemed distracted and a little off. He was so much better in the Friar's.

    Gulman just makes me want to chew my leg off now. Not because I'm caught on anything. Just that the pain might distract me from the permenant damage he's caused me. At least there were no cookie jokes. He is the Patron Saint of Mediocrity.

    Todd knew he ain't advancing and just was cute. It was cute. Meh.

    Geoff might one day try to become a comic. It was a good start tonight.

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